How to Style a Textured Side Part with Uppercut Deluxe

How to Style a Textured Side Part with Uppercut Deluxe

Disenchanted with the range of mediocre grooming products available for men, Luke Newman and Steve Purcell combined their extensive barbering experience, along with endless experimentation to create Uppercut Deluxe and to provide a selection of salon-quality grooming products guys will actually want to use.

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Since then, Uppercut Deluxe has built up a dedicated following with a number of influential brand ambassadors spreading the word and using their products around the globe. In addition, their social media channels are groaning with men's hairstyle inspiration, plus they've also produced a number of first class 'How to...' cutting and styling videos, a number of which we featured a few months back.

Next up in the series is a video guide to styling a textured side parting with the use of Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight. As always the guide is straightforward, broken up into manageable parts and designed to help you achieve the same style your barber gave you but in the comfort of your own home.

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