How to Elevate Your House

How to Elevate Your House

We're always on the look out to improve our homes just that little bit, but, it doesn't take a massive redecoration to achieve the desired look. With a few simple home accessories, you can easily elevate any room or home with ease, and we'll show you how.

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Improving your home can be a tricky task. You've trawled the homeware sections of various shops and departments stores to no avail, but, elevating your home or any room can be as simple as a few tweaks and accessories used to maximum effect.

white hay tray hay tray for the home
Hay - Lifestyle

Brands such as Hay, Sonic Editions and Conpot have created contemporary and unique pieces that can easily slot into any home or room. Conpot create small, unique pots to hold a number of potted plants and anything else you can think of.

Because of the neutral tones of the pots, and their almost marble effect, nod to an element of luxury. Working perfectly in a neutral room, they will only heighten any room with ease. Cacti seem to be the plant du jour, so grab yourself a series of small, preferably spike free plants and place them in, and, the great thing about cacti, is that you don't need to water them!

cacti for the home conpot cacti


Hay Lifestyle

Hay is a brand that make unique, geometrically designed pieces that will incorporate into any modern home, both in the city and somewhere more rural. The bold colours and design make them a standout piece in any room: have them as a stand alone piece or have them dotted around the house to keep things neat and tidy.

Make a bold statement by going for a colour that works against your room. For instance, if you have a room thats red then go for a vibrant blue or an almost neon yellow to completely contrast it. Stack the trays up or leave them side by side to create a modern and eye-catching look.

hay lifestyle hay trays for the home


If you're one of those people who simply can't get away from work and need to constantly be updated then you'll probably have a desk somewhere in your house. A good desk is an organised desk, and we all know how out of hand they can become, and fairly quickly at that.

Hay are the perfect brand to invest in if you want to keep everything that you need neat and tidy. With pen holders and even magnetic towers to keep those forever disappearing paper clips all in one place. To add a small amount of humour to your desk, or anywhere in your home, then this hand will work perfectly; make it into a rude gesture or hang things from it, either way, it'll only add to your home.

desks for men hay lifestyle for your desk


For me, a good house is one that's filled with pictures, both personal and art based. These Sonic Editions portraits of some of the most iconic people and places in the world will make the perfect addition to any home. The contrast of the black and white pieces mixed with the full colour make an interesting and eye catching detail to your home.

Whether you're into film or music, you can easily appreciate the artistic value of these portraits, and, of the most iconic and memorable sights on earth.


Go into any style maven's home and you'll always see a series of books or magazines stacked up on the coffee table. Some of these may never be read, but they look good, so that's all that matters, right? For the latest trends and business news then Ports magazine and Hero magazine are perfect, but for something that has more of a cult following, then pick up this Dazed coffee table book from Rizzoli.


On That Note

Improving your home can be simple. With a few small tweaks, you can instantly elevate your home or any room with ease. Take a few plants and dot them around the house to add colour and texture, or invest in a series of colourful trays to keep you home neat and tidy whilst adding bold dashes of colour here and there. Give your desk a little lift by adding personal, and even comical pieces from Hay, or keep it simple and minimalistic by adding pen pots, magnetic towers and organisers.

Take a few iconic images and place them haphazardly on you walls to create an eye catching and conversation inducing feature, or scatter a few coffee table books all over the house for, not only decoration, but an interesting and informative read.


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