How To Create The Ultimate Scandinavian Living Space

How To Create The Ultimate Scandinavian Living Space

Everyone has heard of Scandinavian designs, even if that's only from visiting Ikea once in a while. To truly master the Scandinavian interior for your living room, try introducing life to your walls through art.

Combining beauty, simplicity, and functionality within a space is at the heart of Scandinavian design. The modern and minimalist designs tend to emphasis light with neutral heavy colour palettes with pops of colour and natural textures to bring the outdoors, indoors.

The Scandinavian region, Sweden in particular struggles with a few darker months throughout the year, with darkness around the clock during January. This means that light is precious, showing this off in their art, the themes of Scandinavian inspired art is contemporary, black and white, often making the white as bright as they can. You can discover a range of Scandinavian wall art with a huge variety of styles suiting to everyone. For inspiration on where to begin, here are three ideas which you could use as finishing touches in your home.


A Copenhagen based organisation, The Poster Club is a collective which supplies prints and posters. The uniquely designed collection of art is made up of high-quality posters and prints from both upcoming artists and established artists. You will be able to find something that'll be to your taste, with an array of prints you will be spoilt for choice. Some of the paintings are easier than others to fit into all rooms, the black and white creations from the LouLou Avenue collaboration are simplistic designs of one stroke painting. Other works like Beret Mogensen Lopez's use a neutral colours palette to express emotions, colours and a dreamlike universe. Posters and prints will add character in the simplest yet most effective way possible.


If you're looking at bringing more contrast to your living room why not add more colour to your wall with some interesting Scandinavian art. Sonic Editions create limited edition photograph prints, they are known for following the neutral tones of Scandinavian design through using forgiving colours. The sharp prints are a great way to add contrast to a plain wall, bringing it to life. Their certified prints are taken of beautifully captured surroundings and people of interest, making it easy to chose something that keeps to the tone of your own living room.

Neon Signs

A new trend making a name for itself, neon signs have become very popular in recent months. Seen all over Instagram, neon lighting can add a playful touch to your living room with evocative shapes they can be customised to suit your needs and preferences. Sygns, a neon design and production company believe in their mission of 'keeping neon alive', creating handmade lamps and light decorations and even crafting one-of-a-kind neon installations. You can design your own sign or writing of your choice, a simple or humorous touch to your living, you'll be certain it will be in tune with the theme of your living room.

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