Herman ze German are Going Big for London Beer Week

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With London Beer Week in full effect, Bratwurst kings Herman ze German have brought out some exclusive beers and food to get you in the spirit. Check out what they've got to offer below and make sure you head down!

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We love beer. We also love food. So what else could be better than eating some traditional German sausages and drinking some German beer? Thanks to traditional currywurst pioneers, Herman ze German, we have got some amazing news ahead of London Beer Week.

Herman ze German announces three exclusive offers as part of London Beer week, welcoming beer lovers to enjoy, share and build upon their knowledge of the nation's favourite drink from March 12th. Listed on the brand new DrinkUp.London app, digital pass holders will have exclusive access to Herman's London Beer Week offers, available across the seven-day festival at Herman's Soho and Fitzrovia locations.

The three offers include a bespoke flight of three German beers including the Cologne brewed Früh Kölsch, an 1886 original recipe Erdinger Urweisse and Herman's very own craft beer, the BLCK Forest Brew (£5), as well as two more beerlicious foodie, offers including a hearty portion of Hermans signature currywurst.

herman ze german currywurst and beer-min
Herman ze German's traditional currywurst and beer is a must for LBW
>PHOTO CREDIT: Herman ze German

Celebrating its authentic speciality German beer list, Herman ze German joins the London Beer Week line-up with three offers, featuring its own unfiltered and fresh craft beer, Herman's BLCK Forest Brew. This unpasteurised Keller Bier is brewed by Herman’s trusted brewmaster using only the finest ingredients from The Black Forest. Brewed after the German Reinheitsgebot (German Beer purity law of 1516), the only ingredients used for the brewing process are barley, hops and water.

The Soho location's £10 Bite & Pint offer includes a pint of Hermans BLCK Forest Brew and a portion of Herman's lip-smackingly good Currywurst authentic chopped German Bratwurst, topped with Herman’s very own warm curry-tomato-sauce and served with paprika-spiced fries.

herman ze gemans black forest brew-min
The BLCK Forest Brew is not to be missed
PHOTO CREDIT: Herman ze German

The Fitzrovia location will serve up a £5 flight of three German beers including Früh Kölsch (ABV: 4.80%) a semi-dry Cologne beer which embodies aromas of fruit, lemons, and grains; Erdinger Urweisse (ABV: 4.90%), a distinctive Bavarian wheat beer with a particularly strong, spicy aroma; Herman's own unfiltered and fresh craft beer, the BLCK Forest Brew. All three beers also feature in the £10 Fitzrovia Bite & Flight offer which pairs them with a taster portion of Currywurst.

If you're as excited as we are, then make sure you head down to your local Herman ze German store and grab one of these tantalising offers. Be quick though as the London Beer Week will be ending on Sunday 18th March! Also, make sure you check out Herman ze German's Instagram to keep up with all currywurst related news. See you down there.


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