GURU Drops Brand New Single "Medicine Man"

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Brighton-based rock quartet GURU have just dropped their latest single and unveiled a bunch of tour dates. If you're a fan of grunge, post-punk, or psychedelic music, you're going to want to give this one a spin. We've got the latest right here at The Idle Man, so read on for more. 

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Since their formation little over two years ago, GURU have conquered the live music scene practically non-stop. They've now developed a name for themselves in their hometown of Brighton and are continuing forth in their plans to take over the rest of the country. All four members are simply bursting with energy and stage presence, and no single live performance is the same. If you're into head-banging, harsh vocals and beer (lots of it), we would advise hitting up a GURU show sooner rather than later.

Thankfully, if you are planning to head down to a show, you've picked the right time. The band have just embarked on their first ever tour to celebrate the launch of their split single with fellow East Sussex locals HAKE. Both bands are going to be stopping off in London, Southampton, Bristol, Margate, Guildford and of course Brighton.

The single in question is titled "Medicine Man", a track that is without a doubt the best thing we've heard from GURU yet. Weighing in at over six minutes long, it's no simple three-chord punk track, more of a totally immersive and unforgettable ballad. After the initial build up that's already got us tapping our feet, we're greeted with Tom's familiar vocals, which move swiftly from clean and calm to raspy and raw - just how a punk vocalist should sound.

With regards to guitars, the combination of Ferg's punching bass-lines and Kieran's psychedelic, effect-heavy lead guitar is simply epic and certainly unrivalled when it comes to bands of this calibre. The whole track is held together by Simon's relentless drums, which really rise to another level during the final breakdown.

If you're into music that's on the heavier side of things, there really is no need to hesitate - get yourself down to one of these tour dates and experience GURU first hand. If you're a fan of Nirvana, Slaves, or even Tame Impala you're bound to enjoy these guys. You can listen to "Medicine Man" here, and also check out all of GURU's tour dates via their Facebook page. Vinyl copies of the split single with HAKE are available at all tour dates - even more reason to get yourself down ASAP.


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