A Guided Tour of Madrid with Dennis Cruz

A Guided Tour of Madrid with Dennis Cruz

Spanish DJ and producer Dennis Cruz takes us around his home city of Madrid in this edition of our City Guide. Check out the Dennis' recommendations and where he goes to see the best spots in the Spanish capital.

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Not many DJs and producers manage to provide record breaking hits and Ibiza classics than Spanish DJ and producer, Dennis Cruz. When his tracks aren't being played by the likes of Hot Since 82, Marco Carola, Jamie Jones, Richy Ahmed, wAFF and Solardo, he's in the studio creating more instant tech house hits. Besides his insane production skills, Dennis is also an amazing DJ, playing the likes of Solid Grooves, The BPM Festival and almost any other European event you can think of. His signature sound is what has given him such credibility amongst his peers, with his tracks being instantly recognisable.

Today, however, Dennis Cruz is going to be taking us on a guided tour of his home city of Madrid, Spain. He'll talk us through the best places to eat, drink, club, shop and many other hidden gems in the Spanish capital. This is Dennis Cruz' City Guide of Madrid with The Idle Man.

Dennis Cruz will be playing The BPM Festival Portugal 14th-17th September, followed by South America tour of Argentina.

To keep up to date with Dennis news, check out his Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud.

dennis cruz press pic
Dennis Cruz is one of Spain's best tech house producers

First place you go when you’re back from touring?

To the studio or home! It all depends whether I arrive tired from a long weekend of travelling or if I arrive fresh. If I’m fresh then I will always head to my studio to make some music. When I'm touring I always have new ideas from my travels so I have to rush to go to the studio and get them down!


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Best place for a first date?

Restaurante el Circo and more specifically out on the yard. It's absolutely charming there and then I would go to Microteatro por Dinero. It's the best place to see each others smiles!

restaurante el circo madrid
Restaurante el Circo is the best place for a first date

Where serves the best breakfast?

The best breakfast is in Mercado de San Anton in the Chueca neighbourhood. I drive myself crazy trying to choose over the delicious options!

mercado san anton
The Mercado de San Anton is a personal favourite of Dennis'

What’s a hidden gem in the city?

The hidden gem, in my opinion, is Parque del Capricho. This is unknown to a lot of people but definitely a gem of Madrid, it's a beautiful place to go for summer strolls in the city. Also, another gem is La Tabacalera, it's a very important culture point with a decadent beauty. Really nice to discover if you have time in the city!

parque del caprichio madrid
Parque del Caprichio is one of the most tranquil places in the city
PHOTO CREDIT: Visit Madrid

Where would you go to chill out?

El Retiro or also Parque Del Capricho, both have a certain sense of calm and tranquility about them.

el retrio madrid
El Retrio is a fantastic place to walk around in the city and is relatively unknown

Where’s your favourite place to have a quiet drink?

The rooftop bar in Plaza Santa Ana Hotel, they do really nice cocktails there and the setting is really cool. The atmosphere there is spot on too, very cool but not over the top.

plaza santa ana madrid rooftop bar
One of Madrid's best bars is located in the Plaza Santa Ana Hotel
PHOTO CREDIT: Explore Madrid

The best place to go clubbing?

Fabrik I would say is one of the best clubs in the world, you have to go there to experience it!

fabrik madrid-min
Fabrik is one of Madrid's clubbing gems
PHOTO CREDIT: Liam Underwood

Favourite place to go shopping?

Corredera Baja is full of young designer shops - walking around I always find something that surprises me there which you wouldn’t normally find.

size madrid-min
Corredera Baja is Dennis favourite place to go shopping

How would you describe your city’s style?

Madrid raises passions, catches you and does not let you go - you are already lost. You can love her or hate her, but she will never leave you indifferent.

madrid spain
Madrid is a city like no other

One song that sums up your city?

One Spanish song that can sums up Madrid, could be Pereza – Lady Madrid.


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