Gosha Rubchinskiy Announces He's "Stopping the Brand As You've Known It"

gosha rubchinskiy

Gosha Rubchinskiy has operated as a brand since way back in 2008. Now, Gosha himself has announced that the era is about the end, stating he is "stopping the brand as you've known it". We've got the latest right here at The Idle Man, so continue reading for more. 

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I'm certain anyone reading this will remember the glory days of Gosha Rubchinskiy, when nearly all items from the season would be hyped. As of late, the brand seems to have slipped slightly, with fashion critics claiming that the designer's recent collections have been "lazy" and "boring". It's arguable that the brand has been kept alive by high profile collaborations such as those with Burberry and adidas. But could all this simply be because Gosha has been directing his attention elsewhere? He took to Instagram today to announce that he would be "stopping the brand as you've known it" whilst also stating, "something new is coming".

In recent interviews, Rubchinskiy has stated that he's going to be focusing a lot more on PACCBET, which was formerly a side project of his. PACCBET recently collaborated with workwear staple brand Carhartt on a capsule collection, so could we be seeing some more high profile collaborations in the near future? Gosha clearly states in his Instagram post that there will be no more seasonal collections from the main label brand, however we're still unsure if he will be ending it completely.

Either way, here at The Idle Man we're more than excited to see what Gosha Rubchinskiy brings to the table next. He's talented in many different fields and has his fair share of industry experience, therefore we're expecting big things. Whatever it is, as soon as we have the latest we'll be sure to update you, so stay locked into our blog section for all the fashion news you need.


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