Franky Rizardo Chats to The Idle Man

Franky Rizardo Chats to The Idle Man

Franky Rizardo, one of Defected's favourite sons, sat down with us to chat about his new "Take Off" EP, his Radio 1 Essential Mix and how he got started out in the industry. Take a look at what he had to say here.

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Dutch DJ and producer, Franky Rizardo, has been making waves the past few years through stellar releases such as "Work It To The Bone", "Feel Alright" and his brand new "Take Off" EP it's safe to say he's made quite a name for himself these past few years. Being friends with EDM superstar Hardwell, as well as legends MK and Dennis Ferrer, also means that the Dutch man has a lot of support from people all over the world, releasing on labels like Defected, SAVED and his own LTF Records.

Franky sat down with us to talk about all things house music and the origins of his success, from the beginning to now. We caught up with him ahead of his final Ibiza dates and his last summer shows for this season. Take a look at what Mr Rizardo had to say in the article and make sure you keep up to date with all of Franky's news by checking out the links below.

Head over to Franky Rizardo's Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website. Be sure you buy his new "Take Off" EP from Beatport and check out his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix here.

Franky Rizardo7 black and white
We caught up with Franky ahead of a busy few months
PHOTO CREDIT: Franky Rizardo

What are you currently up to/where are you in the world?

Yo! I’m currently over in Ibiza hanging out and chilling after playing at Eden with Defected Records last night.

Let’s jump into it - how old were you when you started to produce your own music?

I always loved music growing up but started producing my own when I was about 14 years old.

Last night at a sold out @eden_ibiza playing my 'Cola' remix ✨ @defectedrecords See you next week!

A post shared by Franky Rizardo (@frankyrizardo) on

When you started out, what were you mainly trying to create genre wise?

My early influences were in Trance. I was mainly inspired by artists such as Tiësto. I was a big fan of Tiësto, but also Roog, Ericke, Erick Morillo, Roger Sanchez, and Daft Punk – a mixed bag really!

What was it like growing up in Holland where the electronic music scene is so popular?

It was really fun and there were always a lot of parties to check out. When I first started DJing myself I always had friends coming down to my residency club night.

franky rizardo playing in a club
Franky Rizardo's early years definitely helped him forge his own sound
PHOTO CREDIT: Franky Rizardo's Instagram

How old were you when you first started to DJ?

I started not long after I began to produce music, I think I must have been about 15 years old.

Do you still get nervous DJing in public or is it a nervous excitement?

No I wouldn’t say I get nervous that much anymore, I’m just always excited to play!

Did you ever think that when you started it would get you this far?

I don’t think anyone really believes where he or she will end up when they start a musical career. I’m thankful to the labels and clubs that have supported me so far and looking forward to where the journey continues to take me.

franky rizardo festival crowd
Playing to crowds of fans is what Franky loves best
PHOTO CREDIT: Franky Rizardo's Instagram

When you look at how far you’ve come from when you first started out, how do you feel?

I feel really blessed and thankful to be where I am with my music at the moment!

How would you describe the sound you produce?

I just make whatever comes to mind really. Sometimes I can go in the studio and make something a bit darker and techier, other days I could decide to produce a track with a little bit more vocal in it.

Your new “Take Off” EP came out recently, how has the reaction been so far?

The reaction has been great, and it’s amazing to see DJ’s that I look up to supporting the record.

What about plans for the rest of the summer any more Ibiza dates?

Summer’s nearly over but I plan to stay in Ibiza a little bit longer! I’ve got one more show with Defected at Eden on October 1st then that’s it until next summer.

Your BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix was earlier this month, how excited were you for that?!

Of course, it was a massive moment for me! I had a lot of fun making the mix and I feel it really reflects what I play as a DJ.

Very honored to announce my debut on the BBC Radio 1 Essential mix. 🙏🏻 02.09.2017

A post shared by Franky Rizardo (@frankyrizardo) on

Have you got any personal goals like festivals or events you want to play?

I would love to play at Ushuaïa for ANTS. Maybe next summer!

What advice would you give to any producers starting out now?

Find your own sound, experiment and trust and believe in yourself.

franky rizardo dutch crowd
"Find your own sound, experiment and trust and believe in yourself"
PHOTO CREDIT: Franky Rizardo's Instagram


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