Five Top Tech Ideas From 2018

Five Top Tech Ideas From 2018

From multi-tools to inflatable rucksacks, there are so many gadgets that we have to choose from nowadays. With the on-the-go mentality driving production, we have plenty of items which are built for all different purposes, so everyone can live their lives a little easier.

Necessity is the mother of all inventions and some of the brightest minds are thinking of ways to make products that are more convenient. To stop yourself from walking around like Buckaroo, here is a short list of five worthy buys which might just suit your lifestyle.

The Wonder Cube

The one inch cubed wonder is an on-the-go necessity for everyone. The cube is an all-in-one keychain for your phone with an inbuilt charger, memory stick, kickstand, torch, and emergency power. The lighting USB attachment can be plugged into a wall converter or a laptop so you can charge your phone whilst you're out and about, this handy little device means no more cables and wires left getting tangled in your pocket or bag.

The cube doesn't come with any batteries but does have a component which you can attach a 9v battery to and connect it to your phone for emergency power if your phone is running low. The device is compatible with both Andriod and iOS, however, the memory card function only works with Android phones. At a competitive price of £59 on Amazon, you could be fully equipped in no time.


Linksys is the home mesh Wi-Fi system which can strengthen your Wi-Fi connection all around your house. The easy set up can have everyone in the house on Wi-Fi with no more buffering and none of those flashing LED lights, it has one circular light around the touchscreen face. Two routers should strengthen the Wi-Fi in an average sized house for everyone to share it at the same time with no problems, however, with larger houses you can have up to ten routers if you needed it.

Another feature of Linksys' is that it's compatible with Alexa, so you can control your Wi-Fi by asking Alexa for help. Alexa can control the settings of your Wi-Fi, including telling you the password or allowing to let people onto guest Wi-FI.

Finger Pow

The average person charges their phone twice a day, the Finger Pow is a mini portable charger for those troublesome times when your phone is clinging onto that last 10% battery life. The whole package comes with a docking station for four mini chargers which are magnetic and recharge when they are placed onto the station. So next time you're leaving the house, be sure to put these little lifesavers in your bag or pocket so you'll always have plenty of charge. The docking station also comes with a compatible phone cable so when you need superfast charging, you can have all four power pods on the station to power your phone ever faster.

Pro Dry Bag

The new Pro Drive bag from SubTech is the ideal all-round bag for those adventurous getaways. For those a little more adventurous who enjoy trekking through mountains, rainforests, snowy landscapes and other wild habitats. The 40L rucksack is an investment worth making. The ideal travel bag has multiple features and is designed with an inflatable shockproof system to protect any valuables inside, this also allows the bag to float. It is capable of floating whilst fully packed and even with a grown man on top of it. Believe it or not, but this can be a real lifesaver in tricky situations. Made from rip proof material it has magnetic straps including chest straps giving the bag support on your back, plus the minimalist design makes it ideal for urban adventures too.

For those who take specialist equipment away on adventures, SubTech has also designed a 100L bag. Both bags have a removable storage organiser to keep all of your clothes, tech and other bits in a neat and tidy whilst all packed away.

Polaroid OneStep+ Camera

The newest of the polaroid's camera keeps its classic design and mixes it with a modern contemporary style. The easy to use i-type film has a high-quality lens with a powerful flash. The long-lasting and rechargeable battery means you can take it out and about with you and not worry about it dying in ten minutes, leaving plenty of memories to be made. Now with a self-timer, you can jump into that photo and be part of the memory forever.

Read more about what we discovered about the Polaroid OneStep+ Camera here.

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