Five Key Transitional Pieces For Autumn 2018

Five Key Transitional Pieces For Autumn 2018

The transition between summer and autumn can be the most deceiving when trying to put an outfit together. The sun's shining but there's a strong chill in the air, the rains pouring but it's still quite humid, so what are you suppose to be wearing? You're not alone in this confusion though so fret no more.

Building a transitional wardrobe can be an expensive procedure at times, but it doesn't have to be that way. These key five pieces will have you covered through those troublesome autumn months no matter what strange weather mother nature throws your way. Even if you only pick up a couple of these, you'll be in a much better position to tackle the unpredictable weather of this season.


Sun shining but a chill to the wind? Overcast and dry but not cold enough for a coat? These situations call for a trusty wardrobe staple. Sweatshirts are made for this sort of weather and are ideal for a bit of layering should the temperatures drop further. These are clearly quite a casual option so if you're heading to the office or date night you might want to go for something a little smarter.

That's where jumpers come in. Invest in some smarter knitwear or a roll neck to nail a more suitable style for those formal occasions. Roll necks are also pretty on point this season as they hit that sleek 70s styling that's looking to be pretty big in AW18. Just don't get caught in the rain with just your jumper, they couldn't be further from appropriate in a downpour...

Rain Mac

We have all enjoyed the lovely weather we have experienced this summer. Record-breaking temperatures have caused a few epidemics including shirtlessness and day drinking in beers gardens. Unfortunately, it's time to prepare for something we're a little more used to, the rain. A lightweight rain mac will protect you from the rain and your heartbreak that summer is over.

Looking for a more budget-friendly option? You won't find any better than Wax London's rain mac. Made with waterproof nylon it will keep you 100% dry (well underneath). As the jacket is quite light, when the temperatures drop just pair it with your trusty sweatshirt.

mens autumn rain coat

Denim Jacket

This is probably most people's preferred jacket of choice in these tricky months of transition.  To smarten it up when the temperatures drop during the daytime, stick a bit of knitwear on top of and white t-shirt and pair with some trainers. If the weather's a little warmer, you'll be fine wearing this as a sole outer layer with pretty much any t-shirt or shirt underneath.

We'd always suggest investing properly in your denim jacket. With a few high street stores selling cheap denim, some key brands to look out for when shopping for a denim jacket are Levi's, Louis Jeans and The Idle Man. These brands all offer quality denim that won't disappoint.

Leather Jacket

Nothing does the transition from Summer to Autumn/Winter better than a leather jacket. A little warmer than a denim jacket and can stand against those random British downpours! Although the leather jacket can be worn any time of the day, they are a great way to smarten up your look for the evening. Heading out on a date? A slim black leather jacket with a shirt would certainly keep all eyes on you.

Leather jackets can be very expensive, for a luxurious and affordable jacket, check out The Idle Man's collection. Not surprisingly, leather jackets are extremely durable if looked after. You won't regret adding this to your wardrobe, these versatile jackets will see you through to next spring.


A trusty pair of boots is ideal for Autumn. With the leaves changing colours, the rainy days will be making their return so, a pair of good boots will see you through those dreary days. Especially when puddles get in your way. Suede is a good daytime boot, but if you're looking for something to wear in the evening, a pair of smart-casual leather boots will do just the trick. No matter if it's wet or dry, your feet won't be feeling Autumn's chill this year.

Dr Martens deep red monkey boots are a valuable investment. The strong leather makes them watertight and your feet warm, the deep red colour adds a little edge to the boot but still allows them to be worn with almost everything. These boots will see you through sun, rain and snow.


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