Exhibitions To See In London During Frieze

Exhibitions To See In London During Frieze

October is upon us and before it quickly passes us by, here are a few exhibitions we recommend you see during this Frieze art season. 

Rainer Ganahl

Comme des Marxist is a unique show, displaying a performance which blends with a fashion show. The ideas behind the show are an investigation into politics, fashion, class struggle and consumerism. Commissioned by the Fashion Space Gallery, Ganahl dabbles with the ten year anniversary the centre has had in sustainable fashion. The show aims to challenge our understanding of the fashion system through his humorous yet thought-provoking ideas.

Photo credit: Kanem Hutchinson

Knock Knock

Setting off the grand opening for the new South London Gallery at a former fire station. Featuring the works of more than 30 artists to explore the humour in contemporary art. Offering a broad range of slapstick, parody, and caricature embedded in the art, the exhibition is encouraging joy and happiness during a world full of upheaval and unease. Taken in a light-hearted manner, you can explore what makes you laugh in art and why?

Photo credit: South London Gallery; Joyce Pensato

Kerry James Marshall

With fans like Kanye West, P-Diddy and Michelle Obama, Kerry James Marshall is bringing his works to London to showcase his endeavours. With a lifetimes work spent exploring black history, representation, identity, and visibility the 62-year-old artist has been an inspiration to young black artists and creating a path for the next generation. This year, Marshall will be exploring the History of Painting, going back to where it all began and what has happened to paintings since their original use has been exhausted.

Photo credit: Artsy

Christian Boltanski

A live performance of a different nature from Boltanski's latest exhibition this year. Boltanski will be composing 11 small counters, which will each be set up to an individual artist's date and time of birth. The clock will count upwards and will quickly recreate a real-time portrait of them. Unseen in London before, it allows the audience to not only appreciate the concept of his work but also consider the living existence behind the works sold by galleries.

Photo credit: ArtPil

Dapper Bruce Lafitte and Jeremiah Day

A unique blend between felt-tip drawing and photography, both Lafitte and Day narrate places bringing together their own techniques. Showcasing their own versions of real-life events, they depict aspects which will certainly play with your emotions. Using Lafitte's drawings with annotations of Day's photography, the pair joins forces and bring something new and exciting which is not to be missed.

Photo credit: Fierman


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