Elrow and Amnesia: A Match Made in Heaven

Elrow and Amnesia: A Match Made in Heaven

Elrow, a party synonymous for being one of the craziest events in Ibiza, is well into their residency in Amnesia on Saturdays. We headed down to see what all the fuss was about and why people keep on coming back for more. Take a look.

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When it comes to throwing a party in Ibiza, there aren't many events that do it better than elrow. Known for being wild, crazy and outright ridiculous, the Catalan giants have been organising events since 1870, passing through 6 generations of the Arnau family. The main objective has always been extremely simple with elrow: to make people have fun. Whether that's through good music, insane props and costumes or through the vibe itself, these guys are certainly capable of putting a smile on your face.

Having moved out of Space and into Amnesia Ibiza, many believed that elrow would struggle to have the same effect in a different club. How would the vibe be different? Would there be too many people? Will the music be the same? Saturday the 29th of July, we packed our bags and decided that we needed to see what all the fuss was about, so headed off to elrow Amnesia. Well, someone's got too, haven't they?

elrow amnesia crowd-min
elrow's commitment to making sure it feels like a party, not just an event, is what has made them so successful

As soon as we arrived, to a packed queue and more than 10,000 people already in the club, we could see why this party was making waves around the world. Although there may have been a sea of people in front of us, that didn't stop people from having a good time. Then, almost out of nowhere, a carnival started in the street. Samba drums, people in costumes on stilts and many more were all lining the car park of Amnesia to get people in the party mood. A fiesta was certainly underway.

Once we finally got through the doors and into the main room, which holds more than 15,000 people for more than 8 hours, the mood lifted again. It didn't feel like an Ibiza event; more like one big crazy house party with props everywhere. Lilos, whistles, hats, confetti, lights, bouncy balls, frisbees, palm trees you name it, and elrow will have it. The company estimates they spend around £100,000 every year just on props for their events. If that's not a big commitment to the madness then what is?

elrow amnesia props main room 2-min
It's props galore on a Saturday in Amnesia, all thanks to elrow

The terrace was rammed and with the line up being so good for the date, we can see why. Residents Mario Biani, George Privatti, Toni Varga were joined by techno giants Edu Imbernon and Ilario Alicante to provide thumping basslines and huge drops for the entire evening. Each set bringing more powerful bass than the last. A crowd so big demanded songs that were even bigger, luckily for them, each artist already knew the score.

To say that the DJs performed to the best of their ability in the terrace was an understatement. Every song, every beat, every drop sent the crowd wild. The residents were the main heroes of the night for us on the terrace, with each bringing more groove than the last. "But what about the main room?" Well, that was left to homegrown Geordie hero; Mr Richy Ahmed.

elrow amnesia costumes dancer-min
If you want to see a crowd go nuts with every song, then elrow is the place for you

Although the terrace was packed, the main room was our favourite place. Richy Ahmed, the local South Shields boy was playing an all night birthday set. That's 8 hours non-stop, from 11pm-7am, in front of more than 5,000 people. Thankfully, the Hot Creations favourite and Four Thirty Two owner provided all the goods needed for the evening.

When it comes to controlling a crowd, not many do it better than Richy. Bringing out classics like "Everybody Dance Now" with a tech house twist was a highlight for us and the British boy did himself proud. Performing for that long, with that much intensity and managing to keep the crowd going with you was something we couldn't quite comprehend. Thankfully for us and everybody else in Amnesia, it's what comes naturally to Richy Ahmed.

elrow amnesia crowd second room-min
Amnesia's main room felt the full force of local hero Richy Ahmed

After a captivating evening in Amnesia, it was finally time for us to go home. The sun had risen, the masses had spilt out into the car park and cabs were flocking. Whatever expectations we had entered elrow with on the 29th of July were well and truly surpassed. From the minute we arrived to the minute we left, the club felt like one big house party. All inhibitions were left at the door and we were taken to a place far beyond anywhere any of us could have imagined.

If you're looking for something different, then we'd recommend elrow at Amnesia on Saturdays. You won't regret it, trust us.

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