Drake Drops Inspirational Video For 'God's Plan'

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On Friday 16th February, Drake dropped the music video for his recent single 'God's Plan' and it is undoubtedly one of the best videos he has ever released. The video has been met with critical acclaim and a whole lot of praise due to the fact that the Canadian rapper gives almost $1 million away to the general public. 

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Last week Drake dropped the highly anticipated music video for his new single 'God's Plan' which he surprise dropped a couple of weeks ago. A new Drake music video is always met with millions of views and opinions, but this time round it has been met with more attention than ever. This is due to the fact that he openly admits that he took the $1 million budget for the music video and scrapped plans, instead donating the money to the helpless in Miami, Florida.

A day prior to the music video releasing Drake posted an image on set on Instagram with the caption "the most important thing I have ever done in my career." Karena Evans is the woman behind the video and she is fast on her way to becoming one of the most sought after producers, largely thanks to her work on what is now one of the most talked about videos of the year.

The video sees Drake make some huge donations to various charities and members of the public. Some of the highlights include a $25,000 to Miami Senior High School as well as a $50,000 scholarship to a Miami University student. Drake also paid for everybody's groceries in the Sabor Tropical Super Market and gave $50,000 to the Lotus House women's homeless shelter. It also saw the 6ix God gift a 63 year old with a spa day and shopping trip.

The song is sitting at number one on the Billboard top 100 chart and the video, which is Drake's first new music video of 2018, already has over 11 million views. Listen to and watch the music video above.


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