The Idle Man Reviews Craft Metropolis Craft Beer Box + Competition!

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It's not every day that a box of craft beer turns up at the office, but it did. We take a look at the subscription craft beer service from Craft Metropolis and give an honest, yet descriptive analysis. 

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There’s no argument that craft beer has revolutionised the beer industry over the last couple of years, with more and more people being enticed by the creative packaging and unique flavours that come with this on trend drink.

Craft Metropolis is a unique start-up capitalising on this trend by offering customers the luxury of having craft beer delivered to their home. As a subscription based startup, you can have the option of having craft beer delivered straight to your home as often as you’d like on a monthly subscription, or you can try it as a one off. Recently, we had the pleasure of trying out one of their boxes to see what the fuss was about.

Initial Thought:

The box arrived promptly, and I, along with the team, was very excited to see what awaited. A multitude of beers in varying bottles greeted us with some unusual flavours to keep the mind occupied. The point of difference with this is that comes with chorizo, a strange accompaniment, but one that compliments the craft beer no end.

Craft Metropolis Bottles and Cans 2

After the excitement of home delivered craft beer had settled, it was on to the almost impossible task of deciding and delegating who would have what beer! With a choice of 12 craft beer bottles and cans, the decision was made.

Beer Taste:

I decided that it would be best to give a shout out to our top 3 favourite beers from the Craft Metropolis box.

Craft Beer In Fridge

Pale XX Superior No. 2:

If you like your pale ale with a bit of a citrus zest than the XX Superior No.2 is the one for you. Consisting of a rich fruity taste with a small pale creamy head, this craft beer does not disappoint.

Brewheadz Fired Up Donkey Red Rye IPA:

The Donkey Red Rye differs much from the Superior No.2 as it moves away from the fruity taste and towards the more exotic spice and rye flavour. A defiant favourite with the guys in the marketing team.

BBNo. 11/18 Session IPA Chinook:

Created using the American classic hop Chinook, the 11/18 Session IPA infuses both sweet and bitter textures to create an everlasting taste in your mouth. Once poured it produces a hazy golden body with a medium white head. All in all a great craft beer for the summer!

craft metropolis craft beer

On That Note

Craft Metropolis is perfect to anyone who is a fan of craft beer or anyone who is planning to throw a BBQ soon and would love to show off some of London’s finest craft beer. In terms of value for money, there’s not many out there that could match Craft Metropolis box of 12 craft beer bottles and cans for as little as £34.50 a month. Considering I’m planning on hosting a get together in a couple of weeks’ time with some friends, I will definitely be a customer!


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