11 Things you Need in Your Life Right Now

11 Things you Need in Your Life Right Now

Here at The Idle Man we're always on the hunt for the latest and coolest stuff, whether it's tasty treats, mouthwatering new beverages or noteworthy events. We've rounded up all the products that you need to try this week so that you can stay ahead of the game.

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Gin Mare

Gin seems to be the alcohol of the moment, and it's certainly a firm favourite with us. If you're feeling slightly fancier than your standard supermarket own-brand gin, then give Gin Mare a go. The Spanish brand's tipple is just a little too easy to drink, and will make you wish you were on the Mediterranean coastline that inspired the gin.

Gin Mare is a botanical infusion of Italian basil, Greek thyme and Spanish Arbequina olives - often referred to as liquid gold. The gin also uses juniper from the distillery's local farm in Teruel, and has notes of coriander, green cardamom, lemon and orange. Basically, it'll taste great with a bit of tonic.

gin mare

Jude's Ice Cream

With summer well and truly upon us, it's time to indulge in the season of ice cream - whether we're blessed with a bit of sunshine or not. And if you haven't already heard of Jude's, then you've been missing out. The family run Hampshire brand started churning their ice cream by hand, using only milk from local cows before heading across to the local pub to first test their treats.

Jude's now boast 16 mouthwatering flavours, but it's their newest taste sensations that we're loving. Their black coconut ice cream is definitely a confusing sight, but tastes out of this world, while their honey and toasted almond flavour tastes deliciously like a Bakewell Tart. Inspired by the tastes of Syria, £1 from each tub will go towards helping the children affected by the crisis in the region. Tastes good and does good - what more could you want?

judes ice cream


Your usual tipple might be a lukewarm can of larger (we're not judging), but sometimes the situation calls for something a little bit more refined - like wooing a lady perhaps, or convincing your visiting parents that you're a sophisticated functioning adult. And Lanique is a pretty good option for all of the above if you ask us. Don't be put off by it's bright pink glow - you might not look as butch but the taste is more than worth it (and the colour is actually all natural, may we add).

Lanique was first drank in Prussia by the rich and famous over 200 years ago, and it’s ingredients were sourced from exotic locations, including the coveted Attar of Rose. Now that's fancy. Sip it on it's own with ice and lime or spice up a glass of Prosecco.

lanique liquor

Crosstown Doughnuts

Now if you haven't had a doughnut from Crosstown before, you've been missing out. Even before you get to try one, they're quite literally a feast for the eyes. These aren't just your run of the mill jam filled types, these are posh sorts. All of Crosstown's doughnuts are freshly handmade daily in their London bakery using a hybrid sourdough, which gives them a bit more of a bread-like texture, so there's no sign of the usual greasy finger here.

Flavours wise you can't go far wrong with their classic iced ring, but it's their seasonal treats that are really worth shouting about. The sea salt caramel banana is one of most deliciously indulgent things we've ever tasted, and the kiwi and green apple flavour is a perfect lighter option that almost feels healthy - almost.

crosstown doughnuts

Mahiki Rum

Mahiki is probably one of the best known night-out destinations in London and is famed for its tiki themed interior, Honolulu honeys and impressive fruity cocktails. But if you haven't been, or simply prefer to have a tipple in the comfort of your own home, you can get a taste of Mahiki with their new canned cocktails. The range comes in three flavours straight off the Mahiki menu - Treasure Chest, Piña Colada and Coconut Grenade.

Created by expert tiki mixologist Georgi Radev, all three feature Mahiki Coconut Rum liqueur as the base and the next step for the brand following the Mahiki Coconut Rum liqueur which launched in February this year. Their stylish, Hawaiian designs create an instant Tiki party mood, even if you're just lounging on the couch.

mahiki rum cans

Flight Club

Whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a Phil 'The Power' Taylor or just need a bit of after work stress busting, Flight club is the place to be. Darts has a bit of a reputation for being a bore and played solely by middle-aged, pot-bellied larger drinkers - but Flight Club has completely reinvented the game (although it's more than likely that you'll also have a pint in your non-throwing hand).

Flight Club's layout is a bit like a bowling alley, with fast-paced multiplayer games featuring ground breaking dart-tracking technology. The games also have instant scoring, so there's not chance of tactical cheating or forgetting scores after one too many. They've got two branches in Shoreditch and Bloomsbury, so head to your nearest one when you get a chance.

flight club

Half Hitch

Can you ever have enough gin? The answer is definitely not! This one is a sophisticated tipple and has a bit of a history to it. Camden Lock isn't just famous for its iconic market - it was also the heart of London's gin distilling and warehousing when Half Hitch was founded in 1869.

The ropes and knots (referred to as hitches by those in the know) used to moor up barges on the lock even gave Half Hitch its name. The gin is blended with tinctures of black tea, pepper, hay, English wood and bergamot - see, we told you its sophisticated. If you're wondering, bergamot is a cross between a bitter orange and a lemon and comes from Southern Italy. Recreate the classic gin cocktail The Bronx with this one - just mix with orange juice and vermouth (if you happen to have any lying around). Enjoy!

half hitch gin

The Five Points Field Day Citrus Pale

As far as cans of beer go, this has to be one of the cutest. But that's not the only reason you should go for a Field Day citrus pale from The Five Points. This year, the independent brewery has teamed up with London's Field Day festival to make a brand new beer for the festival season.

Brewed with Mosaic hops along with zest from grapefruits and organic Sicilian lemons, this fresh, fruity tipple is perfect for lazy beer garden afternoons - and obviously summertime festival shenanigans, with an ABV of 4.2% making the Citrus Pale perfect for session drinking. We challenge you to just have one can!

the five points field day citrus pale

Wahaca Launches #TacoTuesdays

To celebrate 10 years since Wahaca opened its doors, the chain of restaurants is treating customers to a new initiative called #TacoTuesdays. The people behind the restaurant came to the conclusion that on a there is basically no plus side to a Tuesday evening - the weekend is stills of far away and besides from pancake day once a year, virtually nothing happens. Basically, what this means is that you can grab your first plate of tacos for just £1! When you order a plate of three tacos alongside one other dish from the menu, your plate of tacos will come to just £1.

Alongside the #TacoTuesdays Thomasina Miers, owner and founder of the Mexican-inspired chain, and her team are also launching a whole new menu for the summer months. What can you expect? Devon Crab Tostadas, The Chicken Club Quesadilla, Seafood Coctel and Beetroot and Goats Curd Salad are just some of the dishes that Wahaca has added to the menu to give you a proper taste of Mexican summer.

wahaca taco tuesday

Oliver Sweeney X Talisker

It's not everyday that one of the best shoe brands in the UK team up with a notable Whisky to create one of a kind boots that every man will want. In a gorgeous brown hue, these hiking boots are the perfect autumn/winter accessory to own. With a built-in compass and hip flask, these boots are the perfect boots to wear when you're trekking up a mountain. Not that you spend £595 to go hiking, but you can definitely look the part even if you're trekking up Oxford Street.

oliver sweeny talisker boots for men

Heineken 0.0

Perhaps there are days when you fancy a few beers, but don't fancy the headache that comes with it? Then Heineken 0.0 is probably the drink for you. At just 69 calories and containing only natural ingredients, Heineken 0.0 is a beer crafter by beer lovers for beer lovers.

Rather than simply taking Heineken's 5.0 beer and doing the easy thing of just removing the alcohol content, Heineken have decided to start from scratch, meaning this is a completely new beer with a completely new taste. The beer will be available to buy in most stores and comes in 33cl cans and bottles.



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