BEAST Grooming: Our Favourite Candles

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Candles are an all year interior must have, but as soon as the colder months approach they seem to be out a whole lot more. An ideal Christmas gift, home accessory or winter warmer to get you in the festive spirit, candles will add to the atmosphere and your surroundings so why not pick up the very best?

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Christmas is a time when all five senses come alive and into full force. Mulled wine, cold temperatures and festive scents are all part of the build up to the big day. So whether you're planning on hosting a Christmas get-together or have the family over for boxing day, filling your house with candle fumes will add that little bit of something extra to your celebrations. Rich flavours of wood pine and hazelnut mixed with winter berries and spicy orange will give your rooms that finishing touch.

Laboratory Perfumes

Laboratory Perfumes have a selection of fragrances ranging from perfumes to scented candles so if you fall in love with one, you can not only wear it but you can fill your rooms with it. Founded in 2011, the brand produces unique, gender-free fragrances that are scientifically formulated to penetrate throughout the day.

The Amber scent by Laboratory Perfumes gives off a sense of grassiness and greenery along with subtle hints of spices and wood extracts. As the first fragrance produced by the brand, Amber gives a multi layered, long lasting sensation that'll fill your room with smells of the British countryside. Revealing a warm and earthy base, this is definitely a candle that's worth lighting in your living room.

Laboratory Perfumes AMber candle

Tom Daxon

Tom Daxon himself created the brand after he left university. He began focusing on his passion for creating unisex fragrances to show off a range of aromas, ranging from rich and woody to light and fresh. So when it comes to the winter, Tom Daxon's selection of warming fragrances translate well into his candle selections.

Tom Daxon's Under Milk Wood candle gives off a mix of Amber, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Gaiac Wood Musks and finishes off with a suede sense that brings the aroma together. The warming smell goes hand in hand with the candles dark design, meaning its aesthetics will fit in perfectly on a winters evening.

Tom Daxon Under Milk Wood candle

P.F Candle Co

With a base located in Los Angeles, P.F Candle Co. design, produce and ship all of their products under one roof. And with an aim to make your home feel extra cosy and homely, each high-end quality candle makes everyday a luxury. The P.F archive has a lot of scents and smells that go across all the seasons, but as winter comes around, we have a few favourites.

The No. 22: Mojave candle has musky and transportive feel that captures the Californian high desert. The aroma consists of cedarwood, white musk, sandalwood and vetiver base notes with top notes including creosote, dry desert air, chaparral and desert sage giving the candle a earthy finish. So bringing the warm California air to your living room has never been easier.

P.F. CANDLE CO.No. 22 Mojave 7.2 oz Brown
P.F Candle Co. No. 22

Malin & Goetz

Based in the Big Apple, Malin & Goetz have become renowned for their originality and clean formulas. Blending a selection of natural ingredients and performance technologies to produce an array of skincare and fragrances have made the brand a well known name. After perfecting their skin care there's now much more and offer with a unique collection of fragrances through their EDP and EDT range, perfume oils and candles.

Their candles are considered to be a product of the mind as they used unique and exotic scents from around the world. The Malin & Goetz Tobacco candle is rich with basil and rye top notes, chestnut honey and ylang ylang middle notes. And finishing off with base notes of tobacco leaves, guaiacwood and bourbon vanilla leaving the room feeling warm and ready for the winter celebrations to begin.

tobacco_candle__lo_malin and goetz
Malin & Goetz Tobacco candle

Earl Of East

Burning for around 40 hours, Earl of East candles are all created using bespoke blends of essential oils and botanical fragrances. Starting out as a small creative outlet between two people, the business has now grown to five like-minded individuals that create products they're all passionate about. Being a multi-sensorial brand, the hand-poured scented candles all have one mission. Their mission is defined by four simple elements: curate, create, collaborate and community.

A favourite winter warmer of ours is the Earl of East Strand candle. This scent takes inspiration from the Scandinavian city of Copenhagen. With the Danish sunset and Baltic sea breeze, the candle emulates the senses to new depths. Once lit, the Strand is a sophisticated, complex blend of mandarin rind, seaweed, birch and bay leaf. As well as an intriguing aroma, the dark jars add a touch of winter to your home.

Earl of East Strand candle


With a love of product design, high quality and natural ingredients, Heakles are a fragrance and skincare brand that love the sense of heritage and coastal living. Being located on the cliffs of Margate, locally grown botanicals from the coast are used in each and every product. Everything surrounding each product has been thought about, with all testing being done on themselves and not animals. The packaging is mainly glass to ensure they're looking after the environment and they use all natural coastal ingredients so they are in theory cleaning up the coast.

Our favourite Haekels scent would be their GPS 21 30E candle, this is the perfect end to our round up of favourite scents. The aromatic and fresh candle begins with base notes of green, woody and balsamic vibes to then being completed with the spicy, peppery top notes. The aroma gives off an early backdrop for body and extra complexity.

HAECKELSCandle GPS 21 30E 270g
Haekles CAndle

On That Note

Whether you want something to freshen up the winter months or an aroma that's slightly more rich and warming. Here at The Idle Man we have a selection of the best candles to fill your house with. Each and every one has a unique selling point that'll awaken your senses ready for all the Christmas food, drink and parties.


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