Axwell & Ingrosso Chat to The Idle Man

Axwell & Ingrosso Chat to The Idle Man

Iconic Swedish house producers Axwell & Ingrosso spoke to us about UK festivals, headlining a sold out show at Steelyard and their new EP. Take a look below to see what they had to say.

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Fewer Swedish producers resonate more than Axwell & Ingrosso in the EDM world. Having been more than successful in their individual careers, then through progressive house icons Swedish House Mafia, the two now work together on their project. The two will be performing at the Steelyard London at a sold out show, as well as various UK festivals this year, including Creamfields.

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Hi guys, thanks for chatting with us today!

No worries our pleasure.

You’ve been friends for years, when you first met did you ever think that your careers would be this successful?

We first met in a restaurant called Beirut Café. We knew about each other, but didn’t know each other. Seb just bowled up to me all cocky and said be in the studio tomorrow. And I did.

axwell and ingrosso ushuiaia mens street style
The duo have sold out shows across the world and have carried that momentum from their SHM days
PHOTO CREDIT: Axwell & Ingrosso Instagram

How do you think growing up in Sweden influenced the sound that you produced?

The isolation created a lot of the freedom to do what you wanted. No one cared about Radio. The vinyl coming in was like gold dust so we studied it and grew from it. Getting Daft Punk Homework on vinyl changed our lives.

Would you say the way you perform together is different to the way you performed in Swedish House Mafia?

No its exactly the same energy in how we build the shows and how we perform them. We put the same level of passion and planning into it now as we did in SHM and before that.

Do you ever see Swedish House Mafia reforming?

Swedish House Mafia never broke up. We just stopped touring. We are always going to be Swedish House Mafia. You can’t delete that. And the rumors we will be replacing Steve with someone else are nonsense. SHM isn’t Destiny’s Child. We don’t change line ups. We three are then, are now and will always be Swedish House Mafia.

How did the video for “Renegade” come about and what was the story behind it?

We worked with Francesco Ragazzi the Creative Director of Palm Angels. He wanted to take the concept away from glossy videos and sci-fi shows. Go real. Dive into the world that really happens around us. So we embraced it and this video is one of 4 around that concept.

What was the creative process behind the video?

To go real but not too real. That was Francesco’s vision. The cover is a room where a party has been. A beautiful mess. Which is symbolic of how we feel right now. Chaos is good sometimes.

Your new EP “More Than You Know” is coming out, how excited are you for your fans to hear it?

Very. We’ve never released 4 songs in one go before and we like the feeling of people have many layers to explore. Not hanging everyone’s attention on one song. That’s how we play live and now we are releasing in a similar way. If we could we would play a song live and just put that version onto the stores.

axwell and ingrosso sold out show mens street style
Axwell and Ingrosso have got some big plans for 2017, including festivals and a sold out show in London
PHOTO CREDIT: Axwell & Ingrosso Instagram

Do you still get nervous releasing new music considering how long you have been doing it?

Honestly less now. We have been turning off social media and doing what we want. If people like it great. If they don’t there are plenty of other people to listen to and come back if you like something later. We have zero time to make music people demand of us in flippant comments online. It kills your creativity

You’re playing the debut of Steelyard in London, how excited are you for that?

12000 people in London is something we would do every day if we could.

You’re making a few festival appearances this year, Creamfields being one of them. What do you think of British festival crowds?

The energy in the UK has never changed. Crazy mother f*********

axwell and ingrosso all black mens street style
PHOTO CREDIT: Axwell & Ingrosso

Have you got any big plans or shows for 2017?


Finally, is there any artist that you think we need to watch out for?

Liohn and producer in Sweden, Klahr – another Swedish producer, and British singer called Alice Chater who has been in Sweden recording… next level. Watch this space for all of the above.

Axwell & Ingrosso will headline Steel Yard London this Sunday 28th May, for your last chance to get tickets visit They will also be performing at Creamfields UK on August Bank Holiday Weekend go to for more info!


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