Avelino is Back with His New Playlist "NO B******T"

Avelino is Back with His New Playlist "NO B******T"

Avelino hits hard with his new album "NO B******T". Take a look at the latest from the Tottenham born and bred MC and see what we can expect from his new playlist.

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In an industry littered with fakes, try hards and posers, Avelino brings a "stay true" sense of authenticity to his music. It is this authenticity that has seen Avelino go from strength to strength whilst gaining huge success but still keeping his feet firmly on the ground. Born and raised in Tottenham, North London, Avelino was surrounded by grime from a young age. Growing up with artists like Skepta, JME and the rest of BBK, paved a way for the man behind hits like "M.O.E" to perfect his sound. Avelino's new playlist "NO B******T" is a testament to that.

"1 In a Million" is one of the playlist's strongest songs and is also one of the most catchy. The dancehall rhythm and lyrics tell a story of love, something that this album is littered with. Although Avelino might be one of grime's big hitters, he also has a soft side. You can look at the video for the new album below, which dropped yesterday!

"The new project is just me doing what I do, like I said expressing myself. A body of work that perfectly explains where I'm at today as an artist and as a person. I'm not really the big social media guy or the outspoken publicly. You know what I mean? I'm more behind the scenes family based." That comes from Avelino's 'Gr8ness Intro' and it could not be truer about the man, his music or his new playlist. Have a listen to the playlist below and see if you feel the same. We're sure you're bound to like it.

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