An Intro To The Nuptse

An Intro To The Nuptse

Tibetan for "west peak", Nuptse lies a mile southwest of Mount Everest. Created with precision and innovative technology, the Nuptse jacket is the iconic puffer jacket which thrives in mountainous conditions like the Himalayan base camp to London's high street.  

Created in 1992, the Nuptse was the first to use horizontal baffle construction for their jackets. The revolutionary design was developed to maximise the shifting of down whilst containing the warmth. Not only does the light-weight jacket offer protection from cold, mountainous conditions, the short waist-length was also purposefully designed for a climber's need for quick and easy access to harnesses. Now seen as an iconic jacket, the design is clearly more than it appears to the eye.

With the desire to set out and create a perfect down jacket, designers wanted to create something which would stand the test of time. Focusing on the practicality the jackets were coloured for the purpose of being amongst the outdoors. It is important to be seen clearly whilst climbing and hiking through mountain ranges, the contrasting colours can make you visible in white-out conditions, and this is where their colourways were born.

Nupste Jacket

Designed for purpose, the staple jacket is in every adventurous man's wardrobe. Undeniably one of the best outdoor jackets, they are created to last physically. The North Face prides itself on using the highest quality goose feathers to pack inside, between 550 and 900 feathers are used for their high-fill power. The feathers don't just keep you warm, they also provide wear-and-tear protection from heavy packs. The Nuptse jacket is not just any winter jacket, it is THE jacket for all adventures, it is a quality investment.

Nuptse Jacket

The stylish jacket has made a name for itself, trusted for its credibility the Nuptse is remaining a staple to every man's wardrobe. But if you're not planning on trekking through the Himalayas any time soon, here's how you can still get the most out of your Nuptse and still look stylish. In order to not look like your old man every day, wearing a pair of jeans, a patterned shirt and finishing with a pair of high top boots will have you looking good and keeping warm when trekking all the way to the pub.

Group 1

Checked Shirt - Nudie Jean Co             Slim Black Jeans - The Idle Man                   Monkey Boot - Dr Martens

The beloved jacket has been around for 26 years, and their designs have stood the test of time and are now more common than ever amongst people on the streets as well as outdoor thrill seekers. Simply put, their designs will forever go on to stand for warmth and style. As put by The North Face themselves, "safety and protection come first. But looking good in the process never hurt anyone".



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