A Guided Tour of Nashville with Vicetone

A Guided Tour of Nashville with Vicetone

EDM super duo Vicetone sat down with us and spoke about the wonders of Nashville. We take a look at the hidden gems of the city and why they love it. Read on and see what the guys had to say.

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When it comes to producing iconic EDM songs, Ruben Den Boer and Victor Pool, aka Vicetone, are up there with the best. Born and raised in the city of Groningen, Netherlands, the house duo has produced stellar hits such as "Kaleidoscope", "Astronomia" and remixed the likes of Fedde le Grand and Nicky Romero. To say that these guys are at the forefront of the EDM scene right now would be an understatement.

If it wasn't enough to be producing EDM hits, Ruben and Victor decided to set up base in Nashville, Tennessee. Although they may be Dutch born and bred, the duo loves everything about their new US home. We caught up with the guys ahead of a busy summer and some huge shows. So, let's see what the guys had to say about this sleepy North American city. This is Vicetone's guide to Nashville.

mens street style vicetone
This is Vicetone's guide to Nashville

Where is the first place you head to when you're back from touring?

Probably Five Points Pizza - amazing slices for a good price. Especially if you take a late flight home and you don't feel like cooking food yourself.

Best place for a first date?

There's a great bar on the roof top of the Thompson Hotel.  Best view and a good spot to talk and have a drink!  Two Bits is also a cool bar, if your date is into board games and Jenga, this is the place to go.

mens street style five points pizza nashville
Five Points Pizza in Nashville is definitely a place to hit up
PHOTO CREDIT: Five Points Pizza

What is a hidden gem in the city?

This new club called The Back Corner in Germantown.  One of the few spots where there is good house music being played on the weekends.

Where do you go to unwind?

It will either be in the studio or we like to play sports as well to unwind.  Love playing soccer and basketball once in a while - Rose Park is a good area to meet up for some pickup games.

mens street style the back corner nashville-min
The Back Corner is one of the best new clubs in the area
PHOTO CREDIT: The Back Corner

The best place to eat out?

Probably Henrietta Red in Nashville.  Also really like 5th & Taylor, get the mixed grill!  Marche Artisan is great too.

Favourite place to have a quiet drink?

This new place just opened up in East Nashville called Rosemary.  The outside section is a really chill spot to hang.  Recommended place!

mens street style henriette red nashville
Henrietta Red is definitely worth checking out
PHOTO CREDIT: Henrietta Red

Best place to go clubbing in the city?

The Back Corner, The Valentine, and if you like really loud music you might want to go to Kung Fu Saloon.

Favourite shopping hotspot?

Either the Green Hills Mall or Opry Mills, the latter is a little further away though.

mens street style green hills mall nashville
Green Hills Mall is one of the best places to shop in Nashville
PHOTO CREDIT: Green Hills Mall

Originally you both hail from Groningen, Netherlands. Whats the one thing you wish you could take from back home and have with you in Nashville?

We were thinking about this the other day. If there only was a good spot with Dutch fast food (kroketten + fridadellen) and stroopwafels. It's a hole in the market to be filled. Same goes for Dutch foods like chocolate sprinkles - never gets old.

How would you describe Nashville's style?

A small city vibe with vibrant life but also incredibly booming and versatile. Nashville is bound to be the new hot spot in the US if it continues growing like it is now. It's also a great place for musicians to meet up and write great music. It's a music city for sure which is what attracted us in the first place.

mens street style nashville tennesse river
Nashville is the perfect city for creatives looking to meet other like minded

Nashville is definitely a city that we have been persuaded to go to because of Ruben and Victor. It seems as though the city is bustling with musically creative people and has a great vibe. After chatting to Vicetone, we think we are going to book our flights and head out to this fantastic city.


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