A Guided Tour of Amsterdam With Joris Voorn

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Today we have tech house titan Joris Voorn showing us around his adoptive home of Amsterdam. He takes us across the best places in the city when he comes back from touring the world.

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Amsterdam. A city more liberal than any other in Europe. Famed for tourism, the iconic house of Anne Frank and a few certain laws that we can't discuss. The city itself is dripping in culture and has a rich history that runs throughout. We thought what better way to show you the city than by having a world class DJ show us around it.

Joris Voorn is one of the greatest tech-house DJs on the globe, playing sold out shows every night and having a residency at Hï Ibiza for In The Dark. It's safe to say that the Dutch producer and DJ has a busy schedule. Thankfully for us, he took us on a guided tour of Amsterdam in his spare time. Take a look at what he had to say.

Joris Voorn
Dutch DJ and producer Joris Voorn shows us around Amsterdam in this newest City Guide

So where's the first place you go when you’re back from touring?

Home. That probably sounds obvious, but I miss being home after a long weekend of travelling. We just moved to a new house as well!

Best place for a first date?

Food Hallen for a quick bite and then cinema at Ijhallen. If your taste in movies doesn’t match, it most likely will be the last date.

What’s a hidden gem in the city?

I live in a place called Prinseneiland which not many people know. A little island with old warehouses and factories, all turned into houses over the years, with some canal great swimming spots.

mens street style food hallen amsterdam-min
The Food Hallen is a hotspot in Amsterdam that we recommend you visit

Where would you go to chill out?

Get on a boat thru the city canals, no better way to relax in Amsterdam.

Where serves the best breakfast?

The Breakfast Club is pretty nice, great Macha pancakes. One order serves you and your 3 friends.

Where’s your favourite place to have a quiet drink?

HPS is a hidden gem when it comes to good cocktails, as a matter of fact, the best in town.

mens street style hiding in plain sight amsterdam
HPS Amsterdam does "the best cocktails" according to Joris

Best place to go clubbing?

Awakenings Westergas is a unique experience.

Favourite place to go shopping?

We have nice little boutique shops like Margriet Nannings, but Bijenkorf has picked up their as well over the last few years.

How would you describe your city’s style?

Easy going but smart!

One song that sums up your city?

Danny De Munk - Mijn Stad.

mens street style amsterdam canal

So there we have it, tech house superstar Joris Voorn's guide to his beloved Amsterdam. We covered the best food, drink and clubs in the city so now you have some idea of where to head if you're ever in the city! It also means you have the chance of bumping into Joris in and around the city...well you can dream anyway.

Make sure you follow all of Joris' news via his website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram and catch him playing in Hï Ibiza every Thursday at In The Dark!


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