8 University Grooming Tips


So you've packed up the contents of your bedroom and now heading of to a new City. University sounds like it's going to be full of non-stop drinking, meeting new people and being able to finally live independently. But don't get too carried away, you can't forget about your grooming habits and general hygiene. To keep you on track, here's our grooming tips for men.

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You're young, free and taking the next step in life and heading off to study. How to groom yourself as a man can seem easy - you know how to wash and stay clean because your mums been nagging at you for the last 20 years, but when you're left alone, some basic things seem to be forgotten. Male grooming tips are hard to come by, but to help you figure out how to survive on your own, we've got all the info on how you should be taking care of yourself. We might not be telling you what meals to cook or how to manage the work load, but when it comes to young men, personal grooming is just as important. So here are eight men's grooming tips for you to get your head around.

The Facial Hair Conundrum

Do you go for a clean shave and look fresh faced and young, or do you see how much hair you can grow and let it go all patchy? Well, neither would be preferable. However there are a whole host of young men's grooming tips for you to follow so you have just the right amount of facial hair. If you can grow any that is! When you hit puberty all you really want as a guy is to be able to grow some facial hair. It can age your face, taking you from an innocent little boy to an actual real man. But this doesn't mean you should just let it all grow and not look after it. In your 20's, facial hair is important so you should know how to work it. Regular trims and shaves will encourage the hair to grow in the right places.

Another thing to note if you are now sporting some manly facial hair is that just because it's uni, it doesn't mean you should go for some ironic facial hair styles. By ironic facial hair we mean a goatee, a whopping great moustache or weird side burns. Keep it classy and stop trying to be funny with your facial hair as you'll probably regret it when you look back at those embarrassing selfies.

Deciding to go for a 'funny' style may not be the best idea to stick to

Get a Good Haircut

You're a student, we get that, but this doesn't mean you should skip the essential trips to the barbers. You may have blown all your student loan on a tonne of Domino's and vodka, but try and save a little for the odd haircut. A good haircut can do a lot for a guy - you'll attract the girls, feel more motivated and may even be productive when it comes to your studies. Looking after your appearance will make you feel better, but sometimes finding a stylish haircut that doesn't need loads of upkeep can be tricky. However finding a selection of haircuts that every man should have, which don't require weekly trips to the barbers can be done.

The undercut for example is a popular style right now thanks to The Peaky Blinders. If you grow it out for one or two weeks it won't look completely untidy as the sides are so short to start with that when it starts to grow out, your hair won't be hanging over your ears. A medium length style can also look good if you want to save the cash, as long haircuts for young guys can look good if they're styled right. However, you don't want to go too long and look like one of those guys that are 'finding themselves' at uni. If you do have a long haircut then knowing how to trim properly is a good thing to know. And if you're all over the whole haircut process, why not go for a buzz cut. You can do this yourself and you can even do the upkeep yourself!

All The Other Hair

By other hair, we mean the hair that grows in strange places. It's nothing to be embarrassed about, unless you don't tame it of course, because every guy will be having the same issues. The motto to live by when it comes to weird bodily hair is, 'if you can see it, so can everyone else'. Your ear hair, nose hair and even back hair isn't something you should be proud of. Either trim, shave or wax these areas so you're left with a well groomed body. A hairy young boy isn't how you want to be seen when you arrive at uni, so keep up with the upkeep and you'll have nothing to worry about.

Your General Hygiene

Shower. That's the main thing we really have to say. It may be all fun and games being able to stay in bed and play on your Xbox for three days straight, but seriously, you need to wash at some point. We know you can now do what you want, when you want, but showering should be under the 'what you want' category. Being the one that always seems to stink isn't good for your new uni image, so keep on top of it. The best hygiene tips for men aren't that complex. Buy some good soap and shampoo, remember to put on deodorant and don't go too heavy on the fragrances. Do this everyday and you're all set for everything that uni throws at you.

A Good Facial Routine

This may sound like a fairly feminine thing to do, but it matters. It'll make a big difference to your skin as you don't want to have a build up of spots and blemished areas, especially if you want to impress. Proper grooming for male's may seem like a lot of hassle and involve a lot of product, but it really doesn't have to. Wash your face morning and night with water, invest in a moisturiser so you don't suffer from any dry skin and if you're feeling it even more, go for a cleanser to keep your complexion clear and spot free. A cleansing routine most mornings will brighten up your face and hide the hangover when you rock up to the lecture in last night's clothes. It doesn't take up much time and when you look back you'll be pleased that you looked fairly fresh. 

man washing hair mens shampoo
Your hygiene shouldn't be forgotten about

No Cheap Cologne

Smelling good is a massive turn on for girls, so if getting a girl's attention is on your agenda then please take note. You may not be rolling in cash, but you can still get a fragrance that doesn't smell like the cocktail of smells you accumulate when you walk through duty free. Student discount is key, so abuse this royalty. You don't have to go for the most expensive one, but something around the £30 mark is a good compromise to make if you want to smell good. And lets be honest, you don't need to use loads because when you over spray you're just making things worse for yourself. Keep it subtle and it'll be noticed for the right reasons.

Wash Your Towels

Men's grooming doesn't always have to just mean what you do to your body and how you look after it, it can also relate to your general cleanliness. So although doing your washing doesn't sound like it belongs in the grooming sector, it kind of does. You may have left all your washing for when your family come to visit, or you've even taken it home for your mum to do. But this can't just be the only washing you do! Even if you don't wash your clothes every few weeks, you should keep your towels, and bed sheets clean. Spending two weeks lying in your uni pit with no sign of fresh sheets anywhere means your skin may come out in more spots than if your sheets were clean.

Dirt, bacterial and anything else that clings to your towels and sheets will contribute to any skin issues or whether or not your room smells. If you keep these clean, you should feel cleaner. And while we're on the subject of clean towels, you may have left them damp on the floor at home, but at uni your mum isn't there to come and hang them after after you. So no wet towels should be left lying around your room because no one likes a damp towel smell.

Look After Your Health

Finally, your health is something that's in your hands when you move to uni. This includes your water intake, the amount of sleep you're getting and those all important appointments your mum used to book for you. You know, the dentist, your eye tests and doctors appointments. You can't forget about these just because you're a uni student. They all contribute to your general health and wellness so as a whole they should be thought about. They may not be completely to do with men's grooming tips in general, but if you're not drinking enough water or getting enough sleep, your skin shows it. You may be doing all nighters in the library and if this is what works best then go for it, we've all been there. Just remember that water and sleep are important factors for you to think about now that you're living away from your parents.

Keep your skin spot free with a good facial routine

On That Note

You're in your 20's, men take note. You still need to look after yourself and you need to think about these grooming tips in order to survive uni without being a complete Stig of the Dump. Whether you need help choosing a young guy's haircut that works for your lifestyle, or your skins not doing brilliantly and you don't know why, this guide will have hopefully bring you back to reality. Look after yourself and don't go AWOL as soon as you start university.


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