7 Things to See this February

7 Things to See this February

Now that January is over ("finally!" we hear you cry), you're probably feeling a little relieved and have started to think about what February could bring for you. When it comes to your social calendar there is plenty to do and see and there are an abundance of events taking place across London. Below we have done the hard work for you and come up with the best events (in our opinion) taking place this month. 

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January is definitely the least liked month of the year (up for debate, but it definitely is for us). While most people have allowed going out to nightclubs and drinking to take a backseat, it's now time for dry January to come to an end. While we aren't fully endorsing ending your health kick that you probably struggled with in January, you should use the beginning of February as an excuse to get back out there and start having fun again (while still maintaining this New Year's resolutions, of course).

For Londoners and those visiting the capital, there is a whole abundance of things on offer for you this February, which include both drinking and not. From some of the capital's best exhibitions to some of the biggest nights out you'll see all year, there is plenty to leave the house for.

tobacco dock london
Tobacco Dock

Below we have rounded up what we think are some of the best events taking place this February and we have tried to give you a mixture of different things (we know that not everyone wants to go out all night, but we also know that not everyone wants to spend hours in a museum).

Chinese New Year

London has a habit of putting on the biggest celebrations outside Asia when it comes to Chinese New Years, and you can guarantee that the capital has something good in store when the day hits on 16th February. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people descend on the West End (Chinatown) to enjoy a colourful parade, free stage performances and traditional Chinese food, and to wish each other "Xin Nian Kuai Le" (Happy New Year in Mandarin) or "San Nin Faai Lok" (in Cantonese).

This year the celebrations will fall on February 18th and the festivities take place across London's West End district, from Shaftesbury Avenue in the north down to Trafalgar Square. Watch floats and more than 30 teams take part in the vibrant Chinese New Year parade, which kicks off at 10am with a dragon and lion dance in Charing Cross Road, before snaking its way through Chinatown. There will be food stalls and everything will be kicking off from 12pm on Sunday 18th February.

london chinese new year 2018
Chinese New Year in London

London Classic Car Show

The London Classic Car Show is a must-attend event for anyone with an interest in cars. Whether you are a car owner, collector, expert or enthusiast, there is something for everyone here. The event takes place at London's Excel Centre from 15th-18th February and will see an international celebration of the best dealers, manufacturers, car clubs and products that the world has to offer.

The Excel Centre is London's finest and best events venue and you can guarantee that any event taking place here will result in a good day out. If you still aren't convinced that this is a good event to go to, then what about if you knew that the car show has a unique feature? At the show, there will be a crowd-pleasing indoor driving runway where the classic cars are actually fired up and driven.

Definitely one to take your old man to, we thoroughly recommend heading down the London Classic Car Show this February.

london classic car show 2018
London Classic Car Show

Special Features 2018 - Warner Bros. Studio Tour, The Making of Harry Potter

While we know that the Warner Bros. Studio Tour , The Making Of Harry Potter is a continuous event throughout the year, 2018 is set to be a big year for it. The guys behind the exhibition will be putting on special events throughout the year that will make the Studio Tour more spellbinding than ever.

Visitors will be able to go behind the scenes of the Harry Potter films and get an additional insight into the making of the movies as Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter presents annual and one-off special features throughout 2018.

Guests at the Studio Tour will be able to see authentic props, costumes and sets on the tour of the studio where all eight Harry Potter movies were made. They will also be able to discover the films through the eyes of the filmmakers who brought the Harry Potter series to life. As well as this, visitors will be able to experience limited features, specific to each month. Introducing the Art Department will display wand-making demonstrations and listen to original members of the Art Department, as they explain how they brought Harry Potter’s wizarding world to life through their work.

If you plan to visit on the weekend of 9th and 10th February, there is the opportunity for a Valentine's dinner in the Great Hall, something which has never been done before. The meal includes canapés and you can enjoy a three-course dinner on the authentic set. You’ll then have the chance to explore the studio after hours.

harry potter warner bros studio tour-min
The Warner Bros. Studio Tour, The Making Of Harry Potter

Ferrari: Under The Skin

Through February and March (until April 15th) visitors to the Design Museum's Gallery will be able to experience the 70 years of passion, glamour and design innovation that comes with the famous Ferrari label. You will be given a unique behind-the-scenes access to one of the most iconic car brands, including a look at the very first Ferrari race car of Michael Schumacher.

The exhibition will explore the beginning of Ferrari, harking back to Italy in the Second World War when Enzo Ferrari and his small team decided to try their hands at creating the perfect racing car. The exhibition will take an in-depth look at the design and manufacturing process behind one of the most famous names in the world. As well as this, you can take a look at the famous clientele with whom it works and the future of the world's most luxury brand.

Not just for supercar fans, the exhibition will show you everything from the very first Ferrari to the newest hybrid model. Rare cars and memorabilia will be displayed in public for the first time, so you definitely do not want to miss out on this as it's quite literally on your doorstep. On show will be original hand-drawn sketches, sculpture-like models and engines, alongside films and interviews, which will all detail the history and future of one of the greatest design teams of all time.

ferrari under the skin london 2018 design museum
Ferrari: Under The Skin

ITTF Table Tennis Team World Cup

The ITTF Table Tennis Team World Cup will be taking place in London during February and it's set to be the biggest sporting event the capital will see this month. Visitors will be able to cheer on the England Leopards as they attempt to make their way to victory at the iconic Copper Box Arena (which has seen the likes of Dizzee Rascal perform there, as well as the 2012 Olympics take place there) in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

London hosted the first World Championships in 1926 when the England team were bronze medallists, but can the England Leopards’ men and women win gold in 2018, or will the other competing teams (China, Japan or Germany) be victorious? The event takes place over four days of thrilling, fast-paced action that any sports fan will not want to miss out on.

copperbox arena london
The copperbox arena in London

ABODE at Tobacco Docks

On Sunday 11th February ABODE will be hosting its first party of 2018 with one hell of an event. ABODE will be returning to Tobacco Dock to host another spectacular party which will see Richy Ahmed, four special guests and, of course, the powerhouse residents take to the decks.

If you have not already been to Tobacco Dock then you should know that if you were to venture to ABODE's first event of the year, you're in for a right treat. Built in the early 19th Century as a warehouse for the receipt and storage of tobacco from the New World, Tobacco Dock was designed to offer complete security for precious and highly desirable goods. Today its new owners have developed this incredible space to create London’s newest and most flexible conference and exhibition facility.

tobacco dock
Expect ABODE to bring all the big guns to Tobacco Docks


Détaché is one of London's finest events companies, famed for putting on some of the best nights across the capital. On 24th February Detaché is back, taking over NinetyOne (formally known as Vibe Bar) on Brick Lane for its Opening Day Party from 1pm-2am.

The event will see an extended set from Jnr Windross, residents Pat Wilson, Yingyang, Camino G, Syncretic, Sucasa and Molly Mouse and special guests Guntrip, Ella Fayden and George Nicholson. Expect Détaché to bring serious vibes to East London this month.

Tickets will be on the door, £10 before 8pm £15 after.

detache brick lane london
Détaché returns in February

Whales: Beneath The Surface

If you haven't been to the Natural History Museum in a while then you're going to want to get yourself down there before the end of February. Running since July 2017 and ending on February 28th, the museum's Whales: Beneath The Surface has been a massive hit and is an exhibition you won't want to miss out on. Whether you're taking your kids or simply fancy a day out at London's most famous museum, then this is the place for you.

Dive through one of the world's most compelling evolutionary journeys and explore more than 100 specimens form the museum's collection. These are on display for the first time and will include parts of a colossal blue whale down to a small harbour porpoise.

This is just a great day out at one of London's top venues.

whales beneath the surface london
Whales: Beneath The Surface

On That Note

London has plenty of things going on in February and you'd be stupid to miss out on them. The capital is at its liveliest now that dry January is over and most people are looking for that perfect place for a release and you've got the likes of Abode giving you big nights to attend. If you aren't about that, do not worry, as there are plenty of other things going on. Why not take a trip to the London Classic Car Show or to the Natural History Museum for your last chance to see the Whales: Beneath The Surface exhibition. Whatever takes your fancy, there's loads to be seeing this February, so get out there.


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