6 Biggest D*ckhead Moves


Ok, guys, we know not all of you mean to act like d*cks, but sometimes you just do. Maybe it's because you get a kick from it, or, as many of us women like to believe, you are simply misunderstanding what exactly a d*ck move is. Read our guide to learn what the six biggest d*ckhead moves are (so you can make sure you don't do them again).

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Biggest D*ckhead Moves

All men are born with a d*ck, but that doesn't mean all men have to act like one. And just like d*cks, d*ck moves come in all shapes and sizes. Some moves - again, like d*cks - can cause minimal damage whereas others can cause colossal damage that will leave you with a lasting reputation amongst the female community. If you're not sure which d*ck move falls into which category or you're just completely oblivious to what an actual d*ck move is, then read on, my friend, read on.

Starting Something with Zero Intentions

Let us start right at the beginning. Do you see what we're doing here? We have the intention of writing this article, therefore we are going to start it. If for some reason or other we didn't want to write this article in full, we wouldn't have even dipped our toes into it. And that, boys, is your first lesson.

We will never understand why boys get themselves into 'something' with someone whom they have no intentions of committing to. Well, that's a lie, we know exactly why some of you boys do it, but that doesn't make it any less confusing or, at that, less of a d*ck move. If you're only looking to have a bit of one-off fun with a girl (which is totally allowed), there are some rules that generally should be followed.

The first rule is to make your intentions clear from the go. This is before you do anything, not after you take her back to yours for the night. Before even the suggestion of hooking up, make it clear that for you, this is a one-time thing; no strings attached; no follow up appointments. That way, if she's not in the same headspace, she has the chance to remove herself from the situation. Easy.

Secondly, make sure you don't know her. There is nothing quite like dragging a girl you know (or have to see often) into your sh*t. Leave that alone. Don't touch that. If you're confused about where your head is at, you sure as hell don't have the right to confuse her head too. Collateral damage is neither cute nor cool. It's just d*ckish.

The third rule is not to lead her on. Is this so hard to grasp? For example, if you have no intentions of actually being with her, don't keep making plans, don't introduce her to your friends, and please, don't introduce her to your family. If you don't see the 'fling' going anywhere, booking trips way in advance, inviting them to hang out with your friends and sitting them down with your family does nothing but give the girl a false sense of security. Usually, these are the types of things guys do when they are serious about someone, not when they see the end in sight.

Finally, communication is key. It's understandable that sometimes feelings change, and even if the 'fling' started out really well, it may turn out that it's not something you want to continue. If this is the case, you need to communicate this in a way that doesn't make you look like too much of a d*ck. Changing your mind about someone is fine, but you have to have a decent and honest reason behind it. More importantly, you have to be honest with them about it. If you're having doubts and acting 'off' with her, whether you mean to or not, you can't just leave her hanging in the dark for days. This is especially bad if she is asking you what is wrong and you reassure her that everything is fine, or worse, tell her she is overthinking. If you have a genuine, honest reason as to why you want to call things off, you need to sit her down in a setting that is convenient for her. Making her travel to meet you somewhere to do this is simply a b*tch move.

Biggest d*ckheads

Last Minute Cancellations

Last minute cancellations are never cool, and this can be one of the biggest d*ck moves. Unless you have a really good excuse, being a flake is sh*tty no matter who you are or who you are flaking on. If you're really not feeling going on the date or going to see the girl then you have to at least be honest with her, but that doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. If you're not feeling something, it's probably a good idea not to make the plans or agree to the plans in the first place. For example, don't say 'shall I come over tonight?' to turn around and say 'I'm too tired' when it comes down to it, because even though that's honest, it's not nice. It all links back to the aforementioned point of communication to avoid showing the classic signs of being a d*ck.

Forgetting Significant Dates

With technology at its peak, there is no excuse to be missing those all-important calendar dates. Birthdays, anniversaries and going for dinner with the parents etc. are all things which should go in the calendar with multiple reminders. If these dates are missed, there must be a great reason. Knowing how not to be a d*ck is an art form for many men, so setting reminders and alerts on your iPhone is something you should start to get familiar with.

Oversharing with your Mates

We all like to share certain things with our friends, and most of the time, this is great! Girls love to know that guys have told their friends about them just as much as guys love to know when girls have done the same. Usually, for a guy or girl to tell their friends about the person they're seeing, it's got to mean something, right? So what's the problem here? Well, technically, there isn't one... until you overshare. We don't mean sitting with the lads and being all soppy about how beautiful her eyes are (wet, but acceptable). We're talking about sharing the intense body or sex details, things that are specifically personal to her or worse, showing your friends her nudes or deep/provocative texts.

Some things are best kept between the two of you, and as hot as she may be, her trust should always be number one. Even if she doesn't know you've shown them, these things have a way of coming back to bite you in the arse, which, undoubtedly, isn't as good as hers.

Another example of being a d*ck when it comes to chatting with your friends about a girl is by dumbing her down or being a misogynist. Making snide comments about how she's dumb, talking about her crudely behind her back or even making those ill-humoured, idiotic misogynist jokes such as 'she needs to get back in the kitchen' make you a d*ck. A little respect goes a long way.

How to avoid acting like a d*ck
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Do we even have to go here? If you're really reading this article with no idea that cheating comes at the top of the 'how to be a d*ck' list, then you already are one. Don't cheat, ever. If you feel that you are losing a connection with the girl or that you are finding temptations where you know you shouldn't be, end it with her. Seriously, what's the point of continuing something where you will have to lie and hide your way through it? What's worse is that when you cheat on a girl, you automatically demolish every aspect of trust she had in not just you, but every other guy she will meet in the future, and no guy has the right to distort a girl's perception of anything. Do you guys ever wonder why a lot of girls have 'trust issues'? Here's a mirror, take a look in it.

Ghosting After More Than Two Dates

Ghosting is one of those ambiguous terms that many people don't understand. So, let us break it down for you. Ghosting is when you disappear with no rhyme nor reason. It's when you've been involved with someone romantically, be it for a few dates, a few weeks or a few months and then, like some cruel magic trick that is neither fun nor magical, you disappear. No text, no calls, nothing. Poof.

And, why, I hear you ask, do guys 'ghost' girls? Because, to put it frankly, they're cowards. Ok, we will cut some slack here. We think it's acceptable to ghost someone when you have seen them on one or two dates. These dates are water-testing dates where you can gauge whether you actually like them or not. Anything more than two dates pretty much confirms that you are both interested, so no, you are not allowed to ghost after this. Sure, you can change your mind, but have the decency to at least tell the girl, please.

On That Note

Sorry if we've come down a little hard, but just like all great d*cks, sometimes it's necessary. Not all men have to act like a d*ck - the world would be a much smoother place without it. These are the biggest d*ck moves that most girls are all too familiar with, so it's about time you familiarised yourself and took action.


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