The 6 Best Places to Celebrate the End of Dry January

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Each year you're probably inundated with friends telling you that they're going to be doing dry January. Perhaps this year you actually managed to do it yourself? Well if that is the case, then you're g0ing to probably want a big blow out and we've got some top ideas for you this February. Below we've hunted down the best spots to celebrate the end of the dry month (which seems to have gone on forever).

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Now that dry January is over and you can drink again (that's if you were brave enough to take part in it after all that boozing over the festive period). We ourselves have been itching for January to come to an end so that we can once again taste the good stuff (alcohol) and we thought we might as well celebrate the end of the dry month with a bang. So, we've compiled a list of all the best places to get your fix this February. From the celebrations surrounding Chinese New Year to the return of Bradley Zero's Rhythm Section night down in Peckham, there is plenty for you to be getting involved with when February arrives.

So if you are planning to celebrate a dry January success, then look no further for some of the best places you can go and get drunk. Is dry January even good for you? Is dry January bad for you? Who cares?! It's over! Now go get royally p*ssed.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year will take place on Friday 16th February and as usual London will be at the centre of the celebrations in the United Kingdom. As typical for the celebrations in the capital, there will be a parade taking place in central London. The celebrations will take place as usual in Chinatown and will feature a colourful parade, free performances, cultural activities and an outstanding pyrotechnics display. While you may be thinking 'this sounds great, but how will this help me celebrate the end of dry January?', don't you worry, as we've got it sorted for you as well!

Chinatown is an abundance of Chinese restaurants where, if you book in advance, you will be able to get a table easily. This is a great way to experience the best of Chinese New Year as well as break dry January as, let's face it, what is better than a Chinese buffet and a few beers?

Opium cocktail bar in Chinatown is a popular spot and there's no better time to visit than around Chinese New Year. Opium is the speakeasy Chinatown tree-house hidden above Gerrard Street. If you can still find the jade door when the hinges are open, make your way up the red stairs and let them transport you back to 1920’s Shanghai with a twist of modern indulgence. The best thing about Opium is its Zodiac menu, which is pretty apt seeing as we are about to celebrate Chinese New Year. The menu celebrates the repeating cycle of 12 years, with each year being represented by an animal and its reputed attributes. Opium has created 12 drinks, one for each of the zodiac animals, and each sharing the characteristics of the people born under that sign. What better way to celebrate the end of dry January?

opium bar chinatown london
Opium bar Soho 


The South London Soul Train, Bussey Building

The South London Soul Train is back and ready to deliver once again. Taking place at the CLF Art Cafe at Bussey Building, the event is going to be one hell of a fun night (The South London Soul Train always is). The host, Jazzheadchronic, will once again be dropping a whole load of dance floor hits for you to dance away to and celebrate the end of dry January.

On Saturday 3rd January, Heavy Beat Brass Band will be on hand to provide you with stellar soul hits while you'll also be able to get a good dose of vintage soul from sensational US trio The Shacks. Heavy Beat Brass Band will remix modern Jazz, Pop and Funk music with the sounds of a roaring New Orleans brass band - not to be missed.

south london soul train bussey building-min
The South London Soul Train

The Pickle Factory, All Night Long with Antal

The Pickle Factory is the place to head to if you want a big night at the best of times, but now you really will be able to have that massive blow out you were dreaming of throughout dry January 2018. On 3rd February, The Pickle Factory will be hosting an All Night Long set from the big man of the moment, Antal. The Rush Hour boss will be taking control of The Pickle Factory's wooden booth for a marathon 8 hour session.

The Pickle Factory is one of London's best new spaces and only opened back in October 2015, launched by the team behind the epic Oval Space where you will find some of London's best nights and events. It is located directly opposite Oval Space in Bethnal Green and is a new state-of-the-art music venue, designed specifically with music in mind for people who love it. The venue itself is all about the simplicity with no frills. It is essentially a room within a room and acts like a recording studio, with unrivalled soon reproduction.

You can ensure that this will be a big night so if you are planning to celebrate your month of no drinking in style, this is really the place to head.

Tickets are available on the door and the night starts at 10pm.

the pickle factory london
The Pickle Factory

The Pickle Factory, All Night Long with Secretsundaze

In case you haven't noticed, we are big fans of the intimate venue that is The Pickle Factory. Holding only 200 people, you can guarantee a good night that won't involve queuing for drinks for ages (let's face it, if you've done dry January you won't want to be queueing at all).

Secretsundaze’s All Night Long monthly takeover of The Pickle Factory is a fantastic and actually pretty rare opportunity to experience two of London’s finest selectors. Giles Smith & James Priestley make up Secretsundaze and they will once again descend on London's finest venues to provide 8 hours of non-stop back-to-back tracks and mixes. The duo will be delving into their 30,000 strong record collection to deliver a session that will showcase everything from their beloved house music to disco to techno to boogie and back.

Tickets are priced from £9.50 and the event will take place on Saturday 10th February.


The Tropical Disco Hustle

This is quite a niche one, but we definitely think it's one you should try out if you want something new to end your dry January spell. This is also a big night for The Tropical Disco Hustle as it's the last Tropical Disco Hustle in London before the DJ, George, goes travelling in the Caribbean and Central America for a few months.

Named after Cultures Of Soul’s album ‘Tropical Disco Hustle’, the night celebrates the talent and music that came out of the Caribbean, South America and the African continent during the late 70’s and early 80’s. It takes place at the The Yard in Hackney Wick and is definitely one for those wanting to dance the night away to some proper disco hits.

Guestlist is free for the first 50 people before 11.30pm and £5 after.

the yard hackney wick
The Yard, Hackney Wick

Future Disco, Oslo Hackney

Again, what better way to end your dry January stint than with a little bit of disco? The new year is in full swing and the end of dry January has come and now you need a big blow out to celebrate the fact that you have done a whole month of no drinking. Locomotive Disco will be taking over Oslo Hackney on the 3rd February for an epic night of disco. Typically the nights at Oslo Hackney feature a selection of hand-picked special guests and excellent residents playing House, Disco, Funk & Boogie. The venue itself is pretty impressive and is held within a former Victorian rail station.

Previous guests at Oslo Hackney have included Jacques Renault, Olugbenga, Bill Brewster, Jack Savidge, Jonny Rock, Medlar, DEBONAIR, The Menendez Brothers, Dorsia, Plastician, Love Glove, Glowing Palms, Cassio Kohl, Michael the Lion, Andy Blake, Dicky Trisco, The Revenge, Nick the Record, Danglo, The Golden Boy, House of Disco, Art of Tones, Jack Priest, Severino, Lemmy Ashton, Heretic and a whole host of other names.

Tickets are free, but limited.

oslo hackney
Oslo Hackney

On That Note

Now that you have reaped the benefits of dry January (whatever they may be), it's highly likely that you're going to want to have a proper night out to celebrate and get back to your old ways. We have given you a selection of some of the best ways to get your alcohol fix, from celebrating Chinese New Year in one of Chinatown's best speakeasy joints to some all night parties over in Bethnal Green. Whatever you fancy and however you plan to celebrate, we have the night for you.


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