5 Things Women First Notice about You

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It's true, most men want to look good for themselves, but how many of you put together an ensemble to get the attention of females too? It's nothing to be embarrassed about - women do it as well, so that's why we're here to help you out. Check out our guide on the five things women first notice about you.

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Have you, as a man, ever wondered what we, as women, look for in a man? The answer to this is pretty deep, but we're not going to go into life ambitions or fertility statistics right now. Instead, in the most shallow form, we are going to inform you men exactly what women first notice about you. To make this easier, think about the first thing you notice in a guy. From man to man, do you ever make passing judgements on their outfit or personal hygiene? It's not all that different from women's first impressions either. There are many small details women notice from the shoes you're wearing to the smell of your prefered cologne, so here are the five things a woman first sees in a man.

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Girlfriend Things: What Women Want

Your Shoes

What is the first thing a woman notices about a man? The shoes. Did you guess that this would be one of the key areas that needed to be addressed? The thing is, there are plenty of things women won’t tell you, which is why we are here to do just that. Most women will look at a man from the bottom up. The shoes a man wears are one of the biggest telltale signs of who they are. If you're wondering how to make a good first impression, start with a good pair of shoes. 

As we're nice, we'll help you out by guiding you in the right shoe-direction. Your shoes will be different depending on whether you're dressed casually or smart, so let's talk about both. For a casual pair of shoes, you really can't go wrong with some minimal trainers. By minimal trainers, we mean classic, timeless designs such as a pair of Vans, Converse or Adidas trainers. If you're a bit unsure on the styling front, play it safe with some all-white or black and white styles - this way you won't have to worry about colour clashing.

The best smart shoes will be any of the classic dress shoes: Oxfords, brogues, monk straps or loafers. Either in black or brown, these shoes should be the go-to's for any smart outfit. Stay away, we repeat, stay away from winkle-pickers, sandals (especially with socks) and commuting trainers.

All Black Outfit With Clean White Trainers

Your Aftershave

To all the men out there who claim that aftershave makes no difference: you are so wrong. Aftershave may be invisible to the eye, but it's certainly not to the nose. If a woman smells an attractive aftershave on a man, the said man automatically jumps up a few notches on the attractive-scale - it's science.

A great-smelling aftershave is on the list of things women like, so if you're pondering over how to get girls to notice you, this is another strong place to address. A nice scented aftershave doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg, so there's no point using that excuse. There are countless cologne brands out there that all create different scents tailored to different tastes. If you don't know what direction to start in, check out the below top picks.

Laboratory Perfumes for Men
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Your Greeting

In the same way that men judge each other by their greetings, women do too. Honestly? We don't mind whether you go in for a hug, a kiss or a handshake (as long as it's appropriate). The most important thing is that you do it with confidence. Take courage in your convictions: don't go in for a hug then pause and stick your hand out for a sloppy handshake - it's so awkward and embarrassing.

Most women appreciate one of those 'kiss-on-the-cheek-hugs'. When you do this, you have to decide whether you're after one cheek or both before you go in. There's nothing worse than that awkward hovering where you don't know what's going on. Likewise, if you go to shake a woman's hand, know one thing. We don't like weak handshakes either, and if you do a weak one, some women might even take offence in assuming we can't handle it. We can. Don't take our hands off (please), but pay us as much respect as you would to someone you demanded respect from (which should be us in any case).

How To Get A Woman to Notice You
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Your Hands

This may sound slightly odd, but a woman can also tell a lot about a man from his hands. If, as aforementioned, you're going to go in for a handshake, there's a high chance she's going to judge you by your hands. We're not talking about the stereotypical idea that bigger hands equal a bigger...heart, we're referring to the general state of hygiene that men keep their hands in.

Many women feel that men should look after the state of their hands just as much as they do - it's another one of those things women want. The do's of what women see in men's hands is that they're clean and tidy with short clipped, neat nails. The don'ts are having dirty, untidy hands, especially when they have long nails. Long nails on men are simply, to be frank, a bit sickening. Do you really want to think 'the first thing people notice about me is my unkept hands'? A little TLC will take you a long way.

Hand Grooming For Men


Your Outfit

Finally, your outfit is a huge giveaway about your personality. Obviously, your outfit will hugely depend on what you're doing that day but you should try to keep it well-put together nonetheless. A well-assembled outfit is one that is coordinated without any colour clashing. The outfit necessarily doesn't have to be bang on trend, but an idea of what is trending will help make the outfit look great. If you're one of those men who always think 'women don’t notice me', maybe that's because you're not dressing to be noticed. Below, we have put together a look that is bound to catch a ladies' eye.

This look is made up of a few wardrobe staples. A plain grey T-shirt is a must-have and paired with an overshirt (optional) and a denim jacket (classic), you can achieve a timeless relaxed look. We have teamed these with some navy chinos and a pair of pink Converse to make sure you get the right attention you deserve.

Style Pink Converse in the Winter

On That Note

It should go without saying, women are not that shallow and we will always look past first impressions, but it does really work in your favour if you manage to get that right. From picking the right shoes to pair with the right outfit and taking yourself off to a nail salon to get your hands sorted, this five-step guide should help you bag some female attention. Worried about what women first think about you? Follow these steps and you'll have nothing to worry about anymore.


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