4 Reasons Guys Should Watch Rom Coms


Settling down with a beer, some popcorn and a good film is something everyone enjoys. But when you press play, have you gone for an action, a thriller or a romantic comedy? Well, probably not the later, but why not? Rom coms for guys are on the rise and we think you should jump on board.

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There seems to be some kind of social 'rule' that we've all been told that men shouldn't like a good old fashioned romantic movie. You're told it's too soppy, you need to watch a 'real' film, or just that you're being 'such a girl'. Well we're here to put these allegations to rest because why can't guys watch rom coms? They're not as bad as you think they are you know, and believe it or not you might even enjoy them! We may even see a slight tear in your eye. A bit ambitious perhaps, but it's worth a try. We understand that, from an Idle Women's point of view, picking the right rom com can be hard, because let's face it, you don't want it to be completely over the top, in your face, all out love.

If the hopeless romantic stuff isn't really up your street then we're here to try and change your mind and tell you that not all rom coms are the same. The genre may be generally filled with sexual encounters, unthinkable dilemmas, unnecessary romantic gestures and of course, the predictable endings (most of the time anyway). But when it comes to it, most men and women can actually relate to these films, making them a must watch. Yes, I know they don't sound thrilling or dangerous, but we're walking on new territory here - romantic comedies are a whole other story. This is why we're going to tell you why guys should start watching rom coms and why they actually might be good for you.

Crazy Stupid Love is one of the best romantic comedies for men

Your Romantic Side

First things first, we're having no talk of how horrors and actions and all the others are better. Just because there's no fight scenes, no overtly masculine protagonist and there's (usually) no half naked girl to be seen doesn't mean that rom coms are bland, boring and 'samey'. There's a story to them, and you just have to be a little bit interested to understand it. They're easy to watch films, you can relax and although you may not want to admit it, no guy can deny that sometimes you just need a break from all the action. Plus, for those of you that need to be more romantic, the rom com world is just a click away.

For many guys, your romantic side is often hidden. You're out with mates and it's not something you really talk about. You talk about girls and relationships and all of that (we think), but you don't really talk about the big romantic parts. If this is the case, how do you expect to bring out the romance in you when you don't have anyone to help you find it? This is where the romantic comedies come in. They show you how to be romantic and they show you what women want. And what's better than knowing what women want? These films help teach you guys a lesson. They show you that the small things matter and in most cases, actions speak louder than words. I know this may be a somewhat cliché phrase that women use, but it's true - we know it and we know that you know it. We're just waiting for you men to catch on, and we hope that the rom coms guys can watch without feeling embarrassed will help.

Life (Girl) Lessons

I'd like to point out that for most of us we don't learn how to be romantic from our parents (very awkward), or from our mates (not really cool for guys is it?) or even from when we're at school (unless you've counted sex ed as romantic, so probably not). Therefore where do you learn about girls? If you're only taking advice from your mates, I don't think you'll be getting very far. Lessons can however be learnt from a whole host of rom coms. These aren't just lessons in love, they're lessons in life, as well. For example, Pretty Women - yes, she may be dressed in hardly anything and been forced into her current lifestyle, but the moral in this story is that you should never judge a book by it's cover. Simple, but a very big lesson to grasp.

Finding good romantic movies for men can involve a lot of judging by the cover. The actress you like isn't in it, the title sounds stupid and you're asking yourself 'why the cover so pink?' But these little things shouldn't stop you enjoying a decent movie. So, instead of copying what they do in films like Top Gun, Die Hard and Black Panther, maybe try going for more of a Hugh Grant, Ryan Reynolds approach. Well, girls are into them anyway, so I'm sure you'll get a better response.

Romance movies for men don't have to be judged by their cover

They're Actually Quite Funny

Before you start arguing with us about how all rom coms are only focused on finding love and finding the right man, we're going to stop you right there. Yes, a romantic film is of course going to be based on some love-based narrative, but along with all of that there are some real life funny moments thrown in. It may not be your obvious Jack Ass funny, but it's relatable funny. Awkward encounters, nervous blunders and hopeless romantic gestures gone wrong all create funny moments for your viewing entertainment. Love is awkward, and this is why romantic movies work so well.

Plus, if you can't laugh about the romantic moments in a movie, how are you going to cope in real life? If you're down for a long movie marathon then why not turn on There's Something About Mary, The Proposal, Bridget Jones Diary or even Clueless. These may all be major chick flicks but they're chick flicks guys like. You'll learn that love isn't serious and you can make all the mistakes until you find what you're actually looking for.

Are They Relatable?

This is a good question: Are romantic comedies relatable? Well, we'd probably say they're more aspirational than relatable. If we're honest, we know that a lot of the narratives are exaggerated and made bigger and better for our amusement, because why would you want to watch a film that's similar to your everyday norm? Romantic gestures and centre of attention fights may not happen in your day to day life, but aspects of these things can actually happen. The gist of most films contain a story line that you can at least partly relate to. Whether it's about your school sweetheart, being cheated on, thinking you'll never find love, there's a film that's covered it.

Take an example in what we think is one of the rom coms guys will like, When Harry Met Sally. The story line is one of the more realistic. Two people meet, life happens and they occasionally bump into each other. After a while it turns into more than just casual and quick meetings and a romantic relationship eventually builds. So, putting this into real life context, if you're looking at making the transition from friends to more than friends, this film does exactly that and you can learn from it.

When Harry met Sally, it was all friends at first

The Best Romantic Comedies Ever

OK so to finish off, now that you've fallen in love with the idea of a romantic movie, I thought I'd give you a list of some of the best romantic comedies that you men will like. And yes, I may be slightly bias as these are a collective of us Idle Women's favourites, but there's some classics, some new ones and some that are funnier than we originally thought. So before we waffle on, here are some romantic comedies every man should watch.

  • Pretty Women - Every guy loves Julia Roberts, and she's at her best in this. It may be about prostitute falling in love, but it's played out a lot better than it sounds.
  • Love Actually - Because love, actually is all around. You'll get that sentence a lot more once you watched the film, I promise you.
  • Notting Hill - He wasn't shy to admit it, but this was a suggestion from one of the guys in the Idle office. He loves it, so if that's not a reason to watch, I don't know what is. Apparently it's one of the best British romantic comedies he's seen.
  • The Big Sick - This is a new one, and if you like sarcastic, dry humour then you'll love this. It's one of my favourites.
  • Crazy Stupid Love - You won't get bored watching this. The different story lines begin to cross over when you get fully into it, and hopefully you'll love how connected everyone seems to be.
  • When Harry Met Sally - When it comes to love, it's all based on friendship, so if you want a rom com that's more com than rom, then why don't you find out what happened when Harry met Sally?
  • Something About Mary - Everyone's heard or seen the scene that made this film popular. Cameron Diaz plays it well, so if you don't know what I'm on about, you need to watch.
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral - Like a lot of Mike Newell films, we love it. The encounters, the awkward characters and of course, the actors are what make this film great, so it's definitely one of the best rom coms for guys that I'd recommend.

The best romantic comedies for men? Anything with Cameron Diaz in

On That Note

Finding good rom coms that guys like can feel pretty girly, but these romantic films shouldn't be reserved for girl's nights only. We understand that you and your mates aren't going to snuggle down to watch a rom com, neither are you likely to go to the cinema to see one, unless you've been dragged there, of course. But there's nothing wrong with romantic comedies, in fact, they'll actually be quite good for you. So instead of watching your favourite Bond movie, switch it up a little and go for something with fewer explosions.


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