Tips on How to Maintain your Stubble

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As the beard continues to decline in popularity, men's stubble has slowly risen to take its place as a middle ground for those who aren't quite ready to completely ditch the facial fuzz. If you're wondering how to keep stubble, despite misconception it takes a little more work than you'd imagine. Let's take a look...

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Your Guide to Maintaining Stubble

As we've already mentioned, maintaining the perfect stubble beard is a going to take a little time and dedication so you can throw out any delusions of a lightened workload right away as, unfortunately, it's not the case.

When it comes to it, men with stubble need to be doing (at least) two things to maintain their facial fur - shaping and trimming. While the amount of shaping required will vary depending on the stubble style you go for, a trim will always be essential to maintaining the best stubble length.

On top of this, another easy way to keep your stubble design looking its best is to apply a beard treatment product a couple of times a week. With a variety of different types available; from beard oils to beard balms - there's a product for every skin type.


How to Trim Stubble

Easily the most important part of maintaining your stubble, a trim every couple of weeks is essential otherwise, you'll end up looking, well... scruffy. Check out our beard trimming tips below.

  1. Start by choosing the length you want your stubble to be, ideally you'll have a men's electric trimmer that'll allow you to choose from a variety of lengths.
  2. Run the trimmers over the main part of your beard a few times, not going below the jawline.
  3. Reduce the clipper length a little when going below the jawline and run over the under jaw area a few times.
  4. Once you've reached even lower again (below the Adam's apple), reduce the clippers further to blend the beard with your skin.

How to Use a Beard Trimmer

How to Shape Stubble

Another essential step in maintaining a clean cut appearance when sporting a stubble is through shaping.

  1. Start by applying a shaving lubricant that won't foam too much, this will allow you to see what you're doing when navigating the shaping process.
  2. There are a few different tools you can use to define your stubble shape, out picks? Go for a sharp blade razor or a electric trimmers with an 'edging' tool built in.
  3. Make your way around the edges of the stubble and carefully edge or trim at the sides to give a sharper appearance.
  4. Although this depends on your preference, try not to go too wild on the edging - if the stubble's outline appears too sharp it can look a little forced.

Groomed Beard

How to Maintain Your Stubble

  • Trim: Be sure to trim your stubble to length about once a week, with a trip to the barbers for a proper seeing to once a month.
  • Shape: Although some styles will require this more than others, a shaping is essential to maintaining a tidy stubble appearance.
  • Use Product: Beard balms and oils are great for adding moisture and maintaining healthy skin underneath.

Scruffy Beard

On That Note

That's your lot. If you're thinking about opting for a designer stubble style, you should now be more than equipped to take care of things with all the handy tips and suitable products you need for maintaining a clean and stylish facial fluff. In short, be sure to trim and shape to keep things looking neat as well as applying a beard balm or oil once or twice a week - job done.


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