The Best Men’s Hair Trends for 2018

The Best Men’s Hair Trends for 2018

With all great men comes a great hairstyle. Men have been recognised and idolised over history for their great hairstyles - take the Elvis quiff or the Justin Timberlake bleached curls, for example. Some men's hairstyles, however, should be left well in the past. If you're stuck on what hairdo to go for in 2018, read on to find out this year's best men's hair trends.

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2018 Hairstyles

Popular men's haircuts are forever changing. Long gone are the days of the 2016's man bun; the latest hair trends for men see a totally new (and quite frankly, the polar opposite) approach of shaved heads and the stylish French crop haircuts. This style guide will take you through the best men's hairstyles for 2018 which you can easily achieve with a trip down to the barbers or in the comfort of your own home.

The Textured Crop

The textured crop is one of the current men's fashion trends that so many men are jumping on. If you're looking for some hair inspiration for this year, this cool men's hairstyle is one you should heavily consider. It's so easy to achieve and it's even easier to upkeep, making it one of the most effortlessly cool styles to go for in 2018. What's more, there are people all over the world and all over the TV following this trend, so you don't have to worry about not being up-to-date with it.

To achieve this look, you'll have to go to the barbers. You can choose what length you want on your back and sides, but we recommend going for a grade 1-3 (if you're unsure, your barber will help you out). The top of your hair will have to be kept long enough to be able to sweep it forwards, so let your barber figure out how much to trim it based on the length you get your sides done. You can either get your hair faded into the top, or you could have a blunt distinction between the grade and the top - it's up to you, both look good. If you're after the wavy hairstyle that this look can give, you should invest in some salt spray which will enhance any curls and texture. 

The textured crop is the perfect hairstyle for anyone who is worried about their receding hairline. Because the top of the hair is pushed forwards, it covers the hairline completely. You can have it either left rugged at the front or cut and styled into a fringe. To style this look, a comb and some pomade will be your best friends.


Tapered Hairstyle

The tapered hairstyle is another one of the popular cool men's hair trends. There are a few styles which fit into this bracket, but the gist of it is that the hair gradually gets tapered the further down it goes - just like a tapered pair of trousers. So, put your razors to the side because you won't be needing them to pull off this style.

The great thing about this look is how smart it is. No matter what occasion, you won't have to worry about your hairstyle being too casual. It also means that it will dress up every outfit you wear, making you look that extra bit suave - never a bad thing. As one of the best and current men's hairstyles, this is one you should look at getting.

It doesn't matter whether you have straight or curly hair, this look can suit all hair types. All you need is enough hair for it to be combed backwards and your barber will take it from there. The idea is that the top is longer than the bottom, but you'll still have a full head of hair as opposed to the shaved or faded look. To style this look, you will need a comb, a hairdryer and some styling product such as a pomade or wax. After washing your hair, comb your hair backwards and dry it as you do. This will ensure that your hair stays more in place instead of flopping back over your face. Next, take a small amount of styling product and warm it in your hands. Put an even spread throughout your hair and use the comb to brush it through. You can now style your hair as you wish and leave it to dry. Take a look at some of the tapered men's hair inspiration below.


Taper and Neck Fade

This look is a combination of the two aforementioned styles. It is a tapered haircut with a neck fade at the base, making it look a lot more structured and casual than your normal taper cut. If you're after a cool men's haircut that is still smart and presentable, this one is for you.

To achieve this look, you'll need to decide how long you want your hair on the top. This will determine how tapered it goes and how short the fade will be at your neck. The taper and neck fade is another style that the barbers will have to do for you, so if you're unsure on what to ask for, consider getting some image inspirations to take along with you. This is a good idea for whenever you want to replicate trending haircuts for men - it will give your hairdresser a better idea of what you want, especially if you don't know how to describe the style.

If you want this look with a bit more texture to your hair, consider investing in a sea salt spray. Sea salt spray is a great product to have as it works for guys with straight hair or already curly hair. If you have straight hair, it will add some texture to it and encourage slight curls. If you already have curly hair, it will enhance and exaggerate the curls, giving them more definition.


The Sweep Back

Here is a look that is no new hairstyle, yet is still one of the best men's hair trends in 2018. This hairdo is great for curly hairstyles or straight hairstyles. It was big in the 90s and to be honest, it has been big ever since. This style will really channel Leonardo DiCaprio, and girls go crazy for the whole swept over hair look, so if that's something you want to achieve in 2018, read on.

If you go to your barber and ask for this look, they will know exactly how to do it for you to work for your face shape. This will be a matter of knowing how long to leave it and knowing where he should cut your hair shorter to suit your face shape. The great thing about this style is that it is timeless and fairly easy to maintain. All you need is a brush and some great skills at running your fingers through your hair.


On That Note

We hope that if you're a little lost for hair inspiration, these four best hairstyles for men will help you out. Whether you keep it classy with a taper or go a little edgier with a textured crop, there are loads of ways you can re-imagine these looks. It doesn't matter whether you have curly hair or straight hair, there is a way that these looks can work for everyone to suit every style. These latest hairstyles will take you effortlessly through 2018, so take a look at our hair products to ensure you can look after yours.


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