The Best Hair Clay For Men


With so many hair products floating around on the market, who really knows what each one does and what one you should use. If you're after something that'll leave your hair looking messily styled then styling clay is worth a try, but if this is a bit of a mystery to you, we've got all the details.

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Finding the right styling product for your hair can be time consuming and, well, quite confusing. There's so many on offer, with them all claiming to do something different for your hair and all having a different names; wax, pomade, clay, gel. So if you're struggling to figure out which one you need, then you've come to the right place. To kick start your search on what to use on your hair, let's take a look styling clay.

What Is Clay Used For?

As a fairly new styling product on the market, hair clay is just a word we think we know what it means but in reality, we don't really have a clue. So to fill you in on the basics, every clay product has some kind of clay in it and it's always produced as a very thick paste or something that basically resembles a solid. It's much thicker than hair wax and it's definitely a lot thicker than hair gel.

Hair clay is very similar to wax, it can hold your style throughout the day with a medium to light hold and can lock in moisture and help repair damaged hair. Unlike wax however, men's hair clay has a very matte finish, the paste won't give you much extra shine, so you'll be wanting this type of product if you're going for a more natural look.

Clay is good for styling long hair


The Best Hair Clay

The best hair clay will leave your locks feeling thicker, with added volume and a natural looking texture. Clay's are fairly good for all hair types but if you do have a slightly thinner barnet, it will be more ideal to use a little less product than recommended.

L'oreal styling clay is one of the best as it gives the hair definition and a non-greasy finish. Mr Natty clay is another major favourite of ours as this men's hair paste is adaptive for all styling needs, hair lengths and thicknesses. This is a great clay if you're after that 'just rolled out of bed but look really good' look.

Nr Natty Hair products


How To Use Matte Clay

As clay aims to give you a matte finish, in more cases than most you should apply the clay product onto dry hair. A small amount rubbed between your fingers (so it generates heat) can be sparsely applied into your hair, avoiding the roots as much as possible. You don't want to put too much on as this could look streaky and the thick paste will be seen - and no one wants visible streak marks. This method works best for longer hair so if you have a mid to should length mane you can get that desired beachy feel.

However, clay doesn't just have to be used for longer hair, if you're supporting a shorter style and want a firm hold then you can apply the clay to damp or even wet hair (if you want it really firm) and then blow dry into your preferred style. This will give you a stronger hold than simply applying to dry hair.

A messy, tousled look is achieved using styling clay


The Best Hair Clay For Men

  • Hair clay has similar properties to wax - it gives a medium to light hold and will help remould your hair throughout the day.
  • Men's hair clay will leave you with a matte finish, there's no shine so if you want a natural, messy look then clay pomade is a good option.
  • Mr Natty's clay for hair adds texture and moisture to your hair while keeping it styled throughout the day.
  • Apply mainly to dry hair as it will give you a tousled, natural set of 'just rolled out of bed' locks.

mens styling clay medium hair cut
Styling clay can be used on short and longer hair

On That Note

If you have medium to long hair then men's hair clay should be your best bet. Keep your hair looking natural and messily styled (it is possible, trust us), and apply a small amount of the matte clay to the ends of your hair. Styling clay is slightly more expensive than others but a good investment will be worth every penny.



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