The 4 Best Summer Hairstyles For Long Hair

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As summer approaches and hot, sweaty tube rides become the tedious norm, maybe you've pondered shaving all your hair off to save a bit of heat. Well, the idea isn't actually all that ridiculous, as most heat does come from your head. However, before you go ahead and pick up the razor, there are options for long hair, too.

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Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair

Ok, so if you're one of those guys with long hair and you're on the very edge of shaving it all off because the summer heat is unbearable, hold up just one minute (or ten). Even though it may make you cooler, if you are a long hair lover then don't give in. There are easy summer hairstyles for long hair out there, and we'll show you what they are.

Summer Hairstyles for Long Wavy Hair

If you have wavy hair, you are a lucky, lucky man. Wavy hair looks great on men and is particularly complementary to sea salt for when it comes to long summer days on the beach. Long wavy hair may seem hard to keep control of, but once you get into a good routine, it isn't that difficult. Sea salt hair is one of the best summer beach hairstyles for long hair.

As mentioned, sea salt is great for wavy hair or layered long hair. This is a trick that girls have been using for years, so there is no reason why men can't use it, too. There is a long science behind why salt makes your hair wavy, but we won't get into that. Basically, have you ever noticed that when you go to the beach and let your hair naturally dry, it always dries with a slight curl? Good, there we go then. If you don't have a beach in your back garden, you can always buy sea salt spray instead. This does the same job, without drying out your hair and without all the other things you can find in the sea.


Half Up/ Half Down

This hairstyle is when you take the top section of your hair and tie it up over the bottom half. The top half can either be tied into a pony tail or put into a bun. This will help lift the weight of your hair off of your neck, keeping you cooler. It's also a good trick for when your need to keep your hair out of your face, but don't want to tie all of your hair back.

Man Bun

You may instantly turn your nose up at the term 'man bun', but come on now, don't be so hasty. I agree the men's top knot is done and dusted, however, a proper man bun is long living. A proper man bun is where there is no shaved hair or short sides - all the hair is the same length and put into a neat bun at the back (not the top) of the head.

To achieve this look, you'll firstly, and most importantly, need long hair. It doesn't matter too much whether your hair is layered not or, so long as it can all be tied back without falling out of the grip. Make sure your hair is brushed, and tilt your head back to collect the hair. Secure it into a bun with a hair band. Try to make sure your hair band matches your hair colour as much as possible - yes, this is a thing. This is a great style for men with long straight hair, and a much better option than a men's ponytail hairstyle.



This may seem like a 5 year old girl hairstyle, but we promise, it isn't that bad. In fact, plaiting your hair is a great way to keep your hair neatly out of your face with little chance of it coming out, like a bun might. This makes this hairstyle great for exercising and working out. It also improves your aerodynamics. Ok, maybe not, but just try it, anyway.

The Best Men's Hair Products

Taking care of your hair is an essential factor of making any hairstyle look good. When hair becomes greasy it tends to clump into strands, creating bald patches. It also gives off a kind of wet look, which just isn't that pleasant. Avoiding this is simple - wash your hair.

There are plenty of great men's hair products on the market, some of which are designed for certain hair types. Figure out what hair type you have and opt for a shampoo and conditioner that will complement it. Aim to wash your hair two or three times a week. If you use a lot of product, you can go for three or four washes. Top tip: when you use conditioner, run it through the ends of your hair only. Conditioner is oil-based, so if you put it on your roots it will only encourage grease. If you have long hair, don't forget to brush it or put some kind of de-frizz product in it, please.

The Best Pomade

Even if you have long hair, you may find some hair products that still come in handy, especially when styling your hair. We suggest using a pomade, which is great for creating a matte finish hold. Use a comb with your products to ensure an even distribution. Just make sure you go for a light hold, as if you get something too strong it may not work as well as you hoped.

Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair

  • If you have wavy hair, make the most of sea salt products to optimise your curls - you'll look like you've just walked off the beach.
  • For summer, keep your hair off your neck to reduce heat. The best styles to go for are full man buns or a half up, half down style.
  • If you're working out or doing exercise, put your hair back into a plait or French plait so it's out of your face - it looks better than it sounds, we promise.
  • Make sure you wash your hair to stop it getting greasy in the summer heat. Use hair washing products that suit your hair type and finish off with some anti-frizz products, too.

Styling long hairstyles
PHOTO CREDIT: Lasse Løkken Matberg, Instagram

On That Note

We hope this style guide has given you a little direction and inspiration for when it comes to styling your long hair this summer. Remember to make sure your hair is always clean and washed, as no one likes to be around greasy hair. Match your hair bands to the colour of your hair to really ace this style and you'll be nailing the long hair look in no time.


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