How To Shave Your Head

How To Shave Your Head

Shaving your head can seem like an intimidating idea but it’s pretty simple once you know what you're doing. Whether you’re a first-time shaver or you’ve experimented with a smooth scalp before, you’ll find some very useful tips in this complete guide.

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Preparing To Shave Your Head

Wondering how to shave your own head? Shaving your hair is a great solution to a balding head. But first thing’s first. Make sure you have the right supplies. You don’t want to get halfway through shaving your head before realising you’re missing something vital. This is what you need to get your head shaved.

Supplies For Shaving Your Head

  • Electric Clippers: It may not be obvious but clippers are essential. You’ll need to trim your hair before shaving as anything longer than stubble makes for a difficult shave.
  • Razor: While there's not exactly one 'best razor for shaving heads', go for a high quality option that'll leave you with no scuffs or irritation.
  • Shaving Cream/Oil: Lubrication is key for a close shave, helping your razor glide smoothly across your scalp.
  • Aftershave: Not just a fancy smell, aftershave/balm will moisturise the scalp preventing irritation.


How To Shave Your Head

How To Shave Your Head With A Razor

  1. Trim: Anything longer than 14 inch is likely to get tangled in the blades and leave your razor ineffective. Set your electric clippers to the shortest setting and unleash your inner Britney. It doesn’t have to be perfectly even, just try to get it as short as possible.
  2. Lubricate: Run your head under hot water in the shower for a couple of minutes to soften your hair and scalp before applying shaving cream or oil. Thoroughly massage into your scalp as this will also help soften the bristly stubble.
  3. Shave the front of your head: The hair at the front of your head is lighter and thinner, making it easier to shave. This leaves the coarser hair towards the back of your head more time to soften. From your forehead, shave towards the back in even rows using a firm, even pressure. As you shave, rinse the blade with water to remove hair as often as necessary.
  4. Shave the sides of your head: Next, shave the sides by working in upward strokes from your neck towards the top of your head.
  5. Shave the back of your head: Taking your time, continue shaving in upward strokes from the base of your neck to the top of your head. Allow the razor to glide smoothly over any ridges at the back of your head, using a hand mirror to check your progress.
  6. Rinse: Once you’re happy with the look, give your head a quick rinse under warm water to wash away any stray hairs. Take a look in the mirror to re-check whether you’ve missed a spot, if you’re good to go, a quick rinse in cold water to close your pores is recommended.
  7. Apply aftershave: Once you’re all done, gently pat your head dry with a towel. Leave to relax for about ten minutes, then apply a moisturising aftershave to soothe and repair any nicks.

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How to Shave Your Head Bald

How To Shave Your Head With Clippers

If the completely smooth look isn’t for you, ditch the razor for balding clippers. While using a razor is the best way to shave your head completely, clippers will leave you with a bit of stubble instead of no hair at all. The other great thing about this method is that it causes far less irritation to your scalp so you’re less likely to suffer from ingrown hairs, which can be a common problem for curly haired men.

What’s more, there’s no need for all that fuss over head shaving preparation, simply grab your clippers and shave.

  1. Trim: Start off with a higher grade such as four to shorten the length of your hair all over. Shave the sides and back starting from your neck to the top of your head and then work your way from front to back.
  2. Change grade: Next, change to grade one to finish the look off. Using the same method, start from the sides and back before repeating the process for the front of your head, working your way back.

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Tips For Shaving Your Head

It takes a brave man to make the dramatic move from hairy to smooth. But there’s no need to fear the blade – your hair will grow back after all! Here are a few need-to-know tips for those of you going bald for the first time:

  • Invest in some great sunblock: Ensure you apply generously over your face, neck, ears and scalp to help protect your newly exposed skin. This is especially important for first-time shavers, as your skin will be feeling extra sensitive.
  • Avoid shaving after a particularly sunny day: When to shave your head? Not after a sunny day anyway. Shaving after getting some sun means you run the risk of revealing a prominent tan line at your neck.
  • Trim in advance: To help avoid the above problem, use a pair of clippers to shorten your hair a few days before shaving. This will allow more sun to get through to your scalp and will darken your pale sun-deprived scalp.
  • Moisturise:. A bald head is prone to dry skin. Owning a good moisturiser is key.
  • Don't forget to shampoo:. Despite the lack of hair on your head you should remember to apply a little shampoo when you shower as this is another way to make sure a dry scalp gets enough moisture.
  • Shave after showering: Warm water and shampoo will help soften your hair, making it easier to shave.
  • Watch out for cuts: If you’re a first-time shaver you may suffer from the occasional razor cut. This can take up to a week to heal properly, so avoid shaving the area until your skin is healed and avoid the urge to scratch!
  • Go with the grain: In other words, shave in the direction that your hair grows and not against it. Whilst shaving against the grain leads to a closer shave and is recommended for the first shave, going with the grain is best after that.


How to Shave Your Head

  • Ensure you have all necessary supplies before beginning.
  • Shave with the grain if sensitive, however, against the grain will give a closer shave.
  • Shave hair to a few cm days before going the whole way, this will allow your pale scalp to get some colour.
  • Always use sunblock when heading out with a shaved head.
  • Shaved heads will dry out quickly, always apply moisturiser morning and night.

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On That Note

Now that you know how to shave properly, it's just a matter of plucking up the courage to go and do it! Still a little nervous about being able to pull off the shaved head look? Just remember, if it doesn't work out, your hair will grow back before you know it. But you can’t knock it until you’ve tried it, can you? So hold your shaved head high and stay confident!


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