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Shaving can be a hassle for any man, but Personal Barber seeks to end that by keeping the spark in your shaving relationship alive with their unique, curated service.

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Grooming trends come and go with the weather, but something that will always continue to be in fashion is the idea of having a clean shave. Barbers up and down the country are offering unique shaving services to clients like there's no tomorrow. To most men, shaving can be seen as a chore, something with such little enjoyment you seem to put it off until you're in full caveman mode and have the take the lawnmower too it.

Personal Barber wants to change this: as male grooming goes, there's nothing quite as important to the men of today as ensuring a pleasant, and most importantly, a hassle free shave. Gone are the days of those last minute trips to the shops to pick up a can of shaving gel or a new set of blades. Personal Barber makes everything ever so simple by delivering you all the kit you require on a regular basis for the perfect shave.

Recently, we at The Idle Man had the pleasure of trying out one of their boxes to see what the fuss was about.

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Initial Thoughts

The box arrived promptly and we were very excited to see what awaited us. The most interesting aspect of the Personal Barber Box was certainly the fact that it was incredibly traditional. Your first month subscription will include a single blade razor, shaving brush, soaps, blades and a step-by-step guide. For your second month, Personal Barber keeps things really interesting by sending new pre and post shave products as well as new blades for your razor.

Personally, I felt that the product perfectly captured the needs and wants of the modern male when it comes to shaving. Using a single blade razor highly reduces the chances of razor burn as well as the possibility of ingrown hairs, which can be incredibly irritating and frustrating, to say the least.

The post shave experience was ever more satisfying. The included after shave balm had a light rosemary fragrance to it and gave little to no stinging sensation after use, showing that the product contained a very high level of natural ingredients with little or no alcohol.

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On That Note

Personal Barber is the perfect product for anyone who is looking for a traditional shaving experience. The subscription is reliable, enjoyable, and most of all, hassle free. From a value for money perspective, there are several different price points available depending on how much product you would like to receive. Considering the ease and pleasure the Personal Barber gave me, I will certainly be using them again in the future. You can check Personal Barber products out here


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