Patrick Stewart on Being Bald

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Losing his hair when he was just 19, Sir Patrick Stewart has had to adapt to being bald. As well as briefly becoming a fashion icon, he has dealt with everything from wearing hats to sporting a toupée. Here's the story of how this iconic actor dealt with baldness. 

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Patrick Stewart Young Hair

Sir Patrick Stewart is one of Britain's most successful and versatile actors. With a career that ranges from the Royal Shakespeare Company to some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, he is a powerhouse of acting talent. Although he is now famous for his iconic bald head, for Patrick Stewart as a teenager, losing his hair was an extremely worrying experience.

Patrick Stewart Hair Loss

In a famous interview on the chat show, Parkinson, Patrick Stewart described the experience of losing his hair at the age of 19, and the trauma he felt from this. Although his loss of hair is most likely down to male pattern baldness, there are some reports that suggest Patrick Stewart has alopecia.

Although he lost the majority of his hair when he was young, he kept a loose comb over. Worried that 'a large part of [his] life was over' he would wear hats and attempt to hide his baldness. It was only after a couple of his friends held him down and cut the reamining hair off that Patrick Stewart began to fully accept himself.

Despite the fact that there are many treatments for hair loss, Patrick Stewart believes they don't work, and has instead chosen to accept his lack of hair.

Patrick Stewart Baldness

For the sake of performing, occasionally Patrick Stewart wore a toupée. Designed to cover a bald patch on the top of your head, a toupée is one way you could try and disguise the loss of hair. However, Patrick Stewart does claim that he's never worn one socially.

If you're wondering how old is Patrick Stewart, you may be surprised to hear that he's 76. Despite what many people may think his lack of hair also seems to give a more youthful aesthetic. If you can style it properly, you can actually appear younger with a bald head.


On That Note

Although the thought of Patrick Stewart with hair may seem ridiculous, it's how he's come to terms with and accepted his baldness that makes him so inspirational. It may seem clichéd, but accepting your appearance can sometimes be the best treatment for this kind of condition. If you are worried about this or your current rate of hair loss then it is best to speak to a professional who can advise you on hair restoration options.


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