Passion Fruit Oil: What Is It & What Are The Benefits?


Passion fruit, not only good to eat (or to be used for catchy a song title), but it's also good for ageing and mature skin. Passion fruit oil can help to balance your skins natural oils and help to reduce any blemishes.

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The passion fruit comes from the passion flower plant. The fruit is native to South America and Africa, however it's commonly grown in Australia and in more recent years, Hawaii. The fruit is a major source of fibre meaning it has many internal benefits such as being good for digestive health and asthma. The benefits of passion fruit oil for skin are concentrated around the ingredients that work well as anti-ageing treatments, this includes fatty acids, vitamins and calcium.

Passion Fruit Oil

Passion fruit oil comes from the seeds of the fruit and is vibrantly yellow in colour. The passionflower is known as the purple granadilla in South Africa, and produces round to oval, yellow to dark purple, soft fruits that are filled with the seeds that are used to create the essential oil. Both the juice/pulp and the seeds of the fruit are edible when ripe and in season.  However any immature fruits contain toxins that shouldn't be highly consumed. The oil contains vitamins A and C, essential fatty acids, potassium, copper, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and carotenoids. These all add many health benefits for your body and skin as they have antibacterial, anti-itch and anti-inflammatory properties.

Passion fruit has many health benefits
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Passion Fruit Oil Benefits

The oil is light yet nourishing, and has properties that all lead to anti-ageing benefits, hydration and managing oily skin. The anti-bacterial property is excellent for any major skin issues such as acne as it removes any unwanted dirt and impurities. The oil can also calm the skin and reduce redness due to the anti-inflammatory aspect of the fruit.

  • Protection - The oil has a high antioxidant content which protects your skin from any environmental stressors. The oil is also able to help balance out your skins oil content making it a good acne treatment.
  • Plumping - The fatty acids within the oil keep the skin feeling moisturised while not leaving an over oily feeling making your face feel firm and youthful.
  • Rejuvenating - Vitamin A from the carotenoids helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the skin, which alongside a well moisturised face will leave you with the best results.

Passion fruit oil has good anti-ageing properties
PHOTO CREDIT: Sayitwithcake

On That Note

If you're looking for a natural anti-ageing, skin boosting oil then this one could be for you. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants all help firm and plump up your skins appearance reducing the developments of any fine lines or wrinkles. We're not saying this will stop the ageing process completely, but it will keep you looking refreshed and have that youthful glow for as long as possible.


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