How to Deal With Oily Skin

How to Deal With Oily Skin

Do you often find yourself dabbing at your oily forehead throughout the day in a desperate attempt to dim the shine on your face? There are ways to get rid of oily skin, but it's not always an easy process, so we'll lead you through some of the easiest and most effective ways to keep excessive oily skin at bay.

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Why Is My Skin So Oily?

There's a number of causes for oily skin, but first and foremost - your gender is against you. Men are more prone to oily skin as we have thicker, warmer skin with a lot more blood vessels. This, alongside an abundance of testosterone, can cause far more oils than our female counterparts.

Oily Skin Causes

Alongside basic genetics, there are many other reasons your skin could be upping the oil production:

  • A poor diet
  • Excessive washing
  • Too much stress
  • Genetics

man rubbing oily skin
Oily Faced Men can control the oil levels


How to Stop Oily Skin

So you want to stop your skin from being oily? Well, there's some good news and bad news. The bad news is that unless you're able to change your DNA, oily skin will always be a problem you have to deal with. However, the good news is that there are ways you can manage the oiliness of your skin and keep it at a reasonable level.

It's worth noting, while annoying, oily skin isn't all bad as the extra moisture in your face is great for protecting against harmful UV rays and also assists in preventing wrinkles. You may look greasy at times but you may just look younger for longer!

mens skin type chart
What is your skin type

How to Combat Oily Skin

Wondering how to reduce oily skin? There's an abundance of ways to tackle excessive oily skin, oily foreheads and greasy nose pores

  • Bedding: Changing and cleaning your towels and pillow cases every week will ensure that you’re not sleeping in your age-old body oils every night. It sounds disgusting, but it’s a cause of oily skin that most people tend to forget about.
  • Reduce Washing: Washing your face a lot may help remove oil in the short term, but in the long term your body will overproduce sebum to replace what's been washed away, so keep washing no more than twice a day.
  • Water/Diet: We needn't go into details here. Eat clean, drink water - boom.
  • Regular Skincare: The best way to regulate and control your oily skin into something more manageable and balanced is to establish a regular skin care regimen.
  • Oil Free Products: Pretty self-explanatory. There are a plethora of oil-free products available on the market that you should be using instead of their regular counterparts.

mens man washing face in water
Try not to over wash your face if you have oily skin


Oily Face Treatment

Oily skin can be embarrassing, so let’s take a look at some of those particular problem areas. All or some areas of your face could be affected by oil, so here's what you can do about it.

Best Products for Oily Skin

Oily T-Zone: Your T-zone is made up by your forehead and nose. Resembling a T-shape (hence the name) this is the most common area on the face that people complain about being oily, dry, spotty or blotchy.

Oily Nose: The nose is often especially oily due to its nooks and crannies - it means a lot of dirt gets stuck around there, leaving you with a whole load of greasy nose pores. Giving it a good scrub with an exfoliator and paying particular attention when washing will help.

Oily Forehead: Foreheads are generally quite big and if it’s particularly oily, it can be very noticeable! One of the quickest and easiest ways to disguise a shiny forehead is to use something you might recognise from school… Blotting papers soak up every drop of oil from the skin when dabbed over the face. Otherwise, moving a fringe away from your face and using products like the options below will also help.

Treating an oily complexion will keep your face looking fresh
PHOTO CREDIT: FashionBeans


Oily Skin Regime

It’s great to get into a well thought through skin care regime. Having a method to your face every day will help regular the oil levels so that it can be controlled and kept at a steady, non-shiny level.

Wash your face in luke-warm water morning and night, applying a men's face wash for oily complexions before rinsing and patting dry. This should always be followed by a light application of moisturiser and SPF (if you're heading out and about).

How to Deal With Oily Skin

  • Drink Water. While it really differs from one man to another; generally speaking, you can help keep oily skin at bay by drinking plenty of water.
  • Washing sheets regularly will prevent you from sleeping in your body's old oils. Try to change pillow sheets, in particular, every week or so.
  • Exfoliating a few times a week using oil-free products will get rid of the dead skin cells and excess oils. Do this, partnered with a healthy lifestyle, and you'll be shine free in no time.
  • Use oil-free products. This may sound simple but many men out there don't bother to look for men's face wash for oily skin.

mens skin cream oily
How to Get Rid of Oily Skin

On That Note

We know how embarrassing having an excessive oily complexion can be but there are many ways for men to tackle it. You're not alone, and there are many oily faced men tackling the dreaded shine and, with the right routine, succeeding. Simple changes to your lifestyle can make a considerable difference. Consider making these changes whilst encouraging yourself to exercise and drink more water. Pick up a few of the products we’ve suggested and try to stick to a daily routine. You’ll notice a massive change for the best.


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