Key Men's Hair Trends for Spring/Summer 16

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Jon Bourne chats all things hair with The Idle Man as we catch up with the Barbertown founder for the key men's hair trends for Spring/Summer 16. 

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If what's missing from your life is a cigar and a whiskey to accompany your shave or haircut then you've come to the right place. Look no further than Babertown, Jon Bourne's own personal homage to his childhood days during the 1970s and '80s spent in his father's Barber shop surrounded by the musk of Brylcreem and Old Spice.

It seems like barbering is in the blood and after 25 years in the business you could say that Jon knows a thing or two about cutting hair. His Barber shop boasts a collection of retro and antique bric-a-brac, his style is classic and there's even a bar (that caught your attention).

Take a seat and let Jon share with you the key trends on the barbershop floor this SS16.

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Jon Bourne Barbertown
Barbertown isn't your run of the mill Barbers - PHOTO CREDIT: Jon Bourne

Over to Jon...

Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Jon Bourne and I am the proud owner of Barbertown. I am based in the West Midlands in Worcester and currently run 2 barber shops with a 3rd shop currently being renovated in Malvern.

I've been barbering for over 25 years which has given me a wealth of experience and knowledge about barbering and the male grooming industry. I also have a big following on social media so feel free to check us out. 


The question on everyone’s lips is will everyone be ditching their beards and going for the clean shave look? The simple answer to that is no. Beards are here to stay but how you wear your beard looks set to change.

We're starting to see the demise of the big bushy “ferrel” looking beard and moving towards a shorter more “kept” appearance. This applies to moustaches too; they will have a neater appearance off the top lip. This look is perfect going into the warmer months of Spring and Summer.

Jon Bourne beard and moustache collage
Shorter beards and moustaches for Spring/Summer 2016 - PHOTO CREDIT: Jon Bourne

Guys are also looking at changing the disconnected look from hairstyle to beard and regrowing their sideburns so their beard has a more connected and stylish look.

Achieve This Look

The look requires more upkeep so regular trips to the barber are required to keep the beard to a uniform length, working with your beard hairline for a more refined and groomed appearance.

Top Tip

Beard hair is essentially body hair so it is vitally important that you keep it maintained (particularly in the warmer months) by applying a soft balm such as Fellowes beard butter or Proraso beard balm as part of a regular skincare routine.

Fellowes and Prosaro Beard Treatments
Jon suggests using beard balms - PHOTO CREDIT: Jon Bourne


Men's hairstyles are moving away from the harsh skin fade and opting for a short to medium back and sides with more emphasis on tapering creating a more natural look.

The top of the hairstyle is in keeping with this look ideally 2-3 inches in length which allows for versatility. To make it work or more formal occasions it can be worn with a parting.

Hair Parting
Add a parting for a formal look - PHOTO CREDIT: Jon Bourne

For evening or weekends, you can wear it brushed back off your face either to the left or right to create more of a quiff using a matt clay such as Hairbond Moulder or Distorter.

Hair Quiff
Use matt clay to create a quiff - PHOTO CREDIT: Jon Bourne

Word of warning this look wont suit everyone, for men with thin or fine hair you are better opting for a shorter length on top. Ask your barber about point cutting to give texture and lift to the hair.

Younger men are opting for shorter tapered back and sides with longer layers through the top for a casual less “styled” appearance. To achieve this look, use a good salt or texture spray such as Hairbond Texturiser on wet hair and then blow dry.

Top Tip

Blow dry your hair upside to add more volume.


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