Matthew McConaughey and Hair Loss

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From The Wolf of Wall Street to Failure to Launch, Matthew McConaughey has always sported curly thick hair. But displaying symptoms of male pattern baldness, Matthew McConaughey's long hair has slowly started thinning. Back with a new do, he's showing signs of a new hair line. Here's how he's grown it back and dealt with his hair loss. 

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Matthew McConaughey's Hair

He's known for his thick full locks, so it came as a shock when he showed signs of male pattern baldness and severely thinning hair. It wasn't prominent until Matthew McConaughey's hairstyle emphasised the extent of his hair loss. How much longer till Matthew McConaughey's bald?

Matthew McConaughey's Hair Transplant

After his thinning hair made an appearance, Matthew McConaughey came back with a thicker fuller look, causing speculation that he'd had a hair transplant, possibly even a Matthew McConaughey style wig. He dispelled the rumours by telling Elle he has been undertaking a hair loss treatment programme.

There is help for male pattern hair loss, however it needs to be dealt with early on. The hair follicle dies, meaning it's unable to be treated with hair growth stimulates as there's nothing to activate. However, with hair loss specialists, they tailor and personalise the treatment to you making it possible.

It is a slower process than a hair transplant, however the recovery period for it is longer than a hair loss treatment which is no recovery period at all. Perhaps allowing Matthew to continue with his acting jobs.


How Do Hair Plugs Work?

So how much are hair plugs are do they really work? Also known as FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction, this procedure extracts 'plugs' of hair from the back of the head, as this area isn't affected by male pattern baldness. It's then transplanted onto the top and front of the head. This treatment is great and works despite there being a long recovery period.

mens hair transplant procedures infographic

On That Note

Matthew McConaughey's hair loss and balding was dealt with easily, showing male pattern baldness is not the end of the world. With both hair transplant and hair loss treatment options, he opted for the latter due to the no recovery period allowing it to not impact or interfere with his life as much.


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