Lemon Myrtle Oil: What Is It & What Are The Benefits?


If you're already a lover of tea tree oil then we may have found something that's gonna top it. Lemon Myrtle essential oil has that refreshing and uplifting feel but with a more lemony than lemon aroma.

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With a lemony smell and ability to freshen up the air, lemon myrtle oil is one to look for. If you need to revitalise or wake up your dull or tired skin, this could be the oil for you. As well as smelling fresh, the essential oil can be used for many other skin benefits including opening up your pores or balancing oily skin. With antibacterial properties, lemon myrtle essential oil is a far better germ killer than tea tree oil meaning it can deeply cleanse and clean your skin which thankfully will result in you having a clearer complexion.

Lemon Myrtle Oil

Lemon myrtle essential oil has many similar benefits to tea tree oil. The the lemon myrtle tree is grown in subtropical rain forests in Australia's East Coast and is produced by the steam distillation of the flowers, leaves and stems producing a very lemony smell which contributes to the effects the oil has on the mind and body. The oil is commonly used in Australia for both cooking and healing and it is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. The reason why this essential oil has such an impressive calming aspect is due to the high level of citral - a compound that gives off a citrus scent and is known for its cleansing properties. This is a chemical substance that's know for its therapeutic uses and properties. The oil is very powerful and is best used when it's been diluted with other carrier oils or used in small dosages in diffusers or directly onto the skin.

Lemon myrtle oil flowering plant
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Lemon Myrtle On Skin

The citrus smelling oil works well for freshening and brightening up your skins appearance leaving you feeling awake and revitalised. Another lemon myrtle oil skin benefit is that it's really good when used as a cleanser as it leaves a fresh and clean feel on your face. The therapeutic benefits contribute to this cleansing effect as the lemon myrtle has that uplifting presence. As well as a cleanser the oil can be used for many other things.

  • Balancing oily skin - The oil can help to control your skins natural oils due to the antibacterial and antioxidant properties.
  • Works well with acne - As the oil is good as a refreshing cleanser and can help balance out oil levels, if applied directly to spots or inflamed areas the oil can help heal the redness and fight the bacterial of the spots.
  • Reduce clogged pores - The cleansing aspect allows the oil to open up and remove any impurities from your pores therefore leading to clearer and healthier looking skin.

The oil can be applied directly to inflammed areas in small does
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Lemon Myrtle For Acne

Acne is a problem we all face (literally) and we're sad to say that even though your teenage years may be over, we'll still be suffering from the dreaded spot on occasion. However there are many oils and creams and lotions and masks out there that we can all try to see which ones actually work and which ones don't but, for a simple and natural way to reduce the appearance of spots, essential oils can help. Lemon Myrtle oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce redness and blemishes while also cleansing and freshening the skin. Even purely the aroma can help with preventing or reducing the fear of spots as when diffused around the house, it will not only smell good but will help with uplifting your mood and benefiting your skin.

Lemon Myrtle Oil: What Is It & What Are The Benefits?

  • The lemony than lemon smell will freshen up your skin, mood and house if you put the essential oil into a diffuser and use as an air freshener.
  • Spots and blemishes can be reduced with the use of a few drops of lemon myrtle oil as it has antibacterial properties that work to fight off bacterial.
  • If you don't want to put put any oils onto your face, a home made diffuser can freshen up the air and your skin. Putting a few drops into some steaming water will create a lemony aroma around the house.

A lemon myrtle diffuser will freshen up your house
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On That Note

Lemon myrtle can freshen up your life in more ways than one, it can improve your mood, skin and body by creating a fresh yet calming aroma. Used on spots to to clear your complexion, this essential oil and its therapeutic benefits should have a saved space in your bathroom cabinet.


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