Jude Law's Hair Loss

Jude Law's Hair Loss

Jude Law's hair loss has been a topic of discussion for years now, and although there's those that have debated whether or not he should have gotten hair transplant surgery or not; he's well and truly embraced the receding hairline. Got a similarly receding hairline like Law? Let's take a look at how the London lad approached his.

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Before: Jude Law Hair

While not many will remember, back in the days of The Tailor of Gloucester and soap opera Families Jude Law was a fresh new face with a full head of hair. Long, short and in a variety of styles; the rising star may have had the early signs of a receding hairline - but with clever styling and a long swept across fringe in the initial days he managed to hide it better than most. Let's take a look at how Jude approached his hair way back when.

Jude Law Short Hair

While Jude's played around with shorter hair lengths at various different stages of his life, it was (obviously) at its thickest in his younger years. With roles like the iconic Dickie Greenleaf in The Talented Mr Ripley and other smaller roles such as Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Law's flame began to burn brighter and, with that, attention turned to his hairline.

While there were signs of receding above the temples, the length and density remained quite average for his age. With time, however, this became increasingly harder to disguise and Jude opted to embrace the receding with up-style hairdos and a choppy texture.


If you're seeing a similar receding pattern on your own hair, take a leaf out of Jude's book by thinning it out and styling in an upwards fashion. While you may think it's counterintuitive, by taking this approach you avoid creating a stark contrast between the balding parts of your head and thicker locks.

As I'm sure you've seen before, there's nothing quite as cringe-inducing as a man clinging onto his last few locks by attempting to obscure his bald patches with thin strands of hair. Don't be one of those guys...

jude law long hair
Jude Law Young Age

Jude Law Long Hair

It was in Jude's younger years that he also experimented with a number of longer dos', with most actually suiting him quite well. Considering what we've mentioned previously, it's important to note that, although Jude was showing signs of thinning, he still had quite a head of hair to work with - so it's best to forgo these styles unless you're in a relatable situation yourself.

Similarly to when he sported shorter cut locks, these styles all made appearances in the early stages of his career back in the late 90s (circa The Talented Mr Ripley days) - so Jude still had a few years of hair to work with. For a man experiencing only a minor amount of hairline recession, however, you can always consider one of the options below.

It's worth noting, Jude hasn't used any of the styles below to hide his thinning hair, instead - going along with his natural hairline shape. Whether slicked back or pushed to one side in a sweeping fringe, the longer do' suited him and his hair type without exasperating his diminishing locks further.


After: Jude Law Balding

By the time we'd entered the noughties and defining roles such as Alfie and Sherlock Holmes were hitting the silver screen, Jude's hair has taken quite a hit. That being said, if ever a man needs reassurance that a hairline isn't a judge of attractiveness, look no further - in 2004 Jude was voted People Magazine's sexiest man alive regardless of receding.

By now, his hair above the temples had receded back further leaving him with the infamous 'island' of hair and a density on top that was notably thinner. Looking at the images below, however, Jude still appears smart and dapper as ever with his decision to completely shave the remaining hair, as opposed to growing it longer. This avoids any nasty contrasting lengths, which when you're balding, is easily one of the worst looks you can go for.


Has Jude Law Had a Hair Transplant?

Although Jude law hair transplant rumours have had their fair share of attention, it's pretty evident to this day that his hairline is completely natural. Although it's fluctuated in length and style quite a lot, a hair transplant would have far more visible telltale signs.

Instead, it's more likely that he has experimented with concealing products, hair growth shampoos and, possibly, medications such as Propecia. In recent years, however, it seems that Jude has completely embraced his receding hairline instead of hiding it and kudos to him! With over 80% of men experiencing hair loss issues, why hide it?

Jude Law 2015 Hairline

On That Note

There you have it! From Jude's shorter styles to his longer locks and, finally, embracing his thinning - Jude has gone through his hair problems with the world's eyes firmly fixated on him... or his head. If there's one thing you can take away from this, it's that, sometimes, trying to peddle backwards isn't always the best decision for everyone.

Just take one look at Jude, if you can be voted the world's sexiest man with a receding hairline - I'm pretty sure you can pull one partner at a bar with the same, eh?


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