How To Shave Your Balls

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While the chances are high that you're doing some sort of maintenance to your nether regions, but if you're not then it's to start. It's not just women who are keeping their hair down there in shape and so you need to take your grooming regime up a notch. Whether you go for full shave or simple trim, you need to start giving your balls the right treatment. Read our guide and you'll know to shave your balls without cutting yourself. 

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Guys it's 2017 and it's about time you all realised that it isn't just our female counterparts that need to be tending to the area between their legs. Today, more men than ever (and rightly so) are beginning to take care of the hair growing on their ball sacks, whether it's a bit of a trim or a full on clean shave. Want to know how to shave hair off your balls? Carry on reading.

Well below we are going to explain to you how to do it. We know as much as the next men that shaving your ballsack is a daunting task. It is undoubtedly your favourite and most cherished body part, and not to mention is your most sensitive body part. So getting down there with a bad or other grooming instrument can be pretty scary and this is what puts a lot of men off. It shouldn't though, as there are easy ways to do it that will avoid harm to your gonads. We get it though, you're worried about snipping or cutting the wrong something. With our advice you're going to avoid drawing any blood down there, which we know, is your worst nightmare

Shaving your balls and below department is often called manscaping. What is manscaping you ask? It's literally the process of sorting down there out. Well below is our manscaping guide, full of manscaping tips on how to shave your balls.

How To Shave Your Balls

First of all you need to work out whether you want to go completely clean-shaven or just go for a little trim. Now this is personal preference, but we recommend speaking to someone who may come into contact with your down under region quite often. Consult them before you go shaving away, because chances are they might like a bit of hair. Alternatively they may have been waiting for you to shave those pubes for quite some time. Think about it, if you went to your loved one whose dirty area you get a good looking at on the regular and saw that it had completely changed in appearance, you might be slightly alarmed. Communication is key, because you never know, you might not even need to shave or trim down there.

how to shave your balls men
How to shave your balls


Want to know how to shave your balls safely? You need to come up with a strategy, which is hopefully what we are going to help you with. Shaving your balls shouldn't be a quick procedure and definitely shouldn't be rushed. Following a strategy and nailing your shaving or trimming process will result in far fewer cuts and casualties than if you simply went in balls deep.


First things first (once you've decided what you're going to be doing down there of course) you need too get yourself the right tools. The instruments you use can be the defining line between damaging your nuts and getting out scotch free. Like a per-op surgeon, you need to be prepared. This isn't just  case of shaving your beard or moustache, you're dealing with areas that can take weeks to heal and quite frankly would just be outrageously painful if cut.

Make sure you have the right equipment to hand - this may mean a trip down to the pharmacy to get the necessary and essential tools. It may seem obvious, but we need to say it. If you're shaving, you're going to be using different cutting procedures to if you were just trimming, and this obviously results in the use or different tools and instruments.

When it comes to whether you should use a trimmer or a razor, the choice is really yours and depends on how close you want to come to the skin when you're shaving. A trimmer is a whole lot easier to use and won't come as close to the skin (pretty much says it all in the name really), whereas a razor is pretty much right on the skin, so there is more chance of a slight cut.

man shaving balls men
Man shaving his body


If you're just trimming with a pair of scissors and not an electric trimmer, we recommend that you put down the ones you used to cut a lettuce last night. One this is extremely unhygienic and two you need to invest in scissors that are specially made for trimming down there.

When it comes to using a razor, the fact of the matter is that the razor with the more blades is always going to do a better and safer job, so splash out a little on one.

When it comes to tools, these don't just stop at electronic and manual devices. You need to be clued up on what lotions and potions you're going to be dabbing down there prior to shaving. Lathering up with a standard bar of soap is going to do nothing to help you out, so you need to make sure you're using a proper shave gel. The best thing to use is an alcohol free gel that contains aloe - aloe is a non-orritant and you wouldn't want to get alcohol in a cut so avoid products that contain it at all costs.

man in shower mens grooming
Have a shower before you shave your pubes


The process

When it comes to getting handsy down there and finally sorting out that bush, you need to know what you're doing. First thing first (once you've got an idea of what you want, jump in the shower. Wetting your area before you begin the shaving or trimming down there is a really good idea, because the blades will glide better.

Do as you would with any shave/trim and warm up the area with hot water. Hot or warm water is good because it will soften the hair, making it easier to cut. The other plus side to showering first is that your balls will become lax and hang loose, due to the warmth of the water, which makes them easier to shave. Shaving your pubes when they're dry is a terrible idea - they will be m0re abrasive which means there is more likelihood of cuts. Water naturally lubricates the area and prevents hairs from pulling.

When you're out of the shower, get ready to begin the shaving or trimming. If you are shaving, you need to shave in the direction that your hairs grow. This will prevent slight nags and the annoying chance of ingrowing hairs (you'll get these if you shave the opposite way to which your hair is growing).

Pre-trim your hair using the scissors we suggested earlier. have you ever shaved off a beard? If so then you'll know that you can just go diving in and shaving it off in one swoop. You need to prep it and cut it down as far possible. The same goes for your pubes, so give them a trim with a pair of specialised scissors first before reaching for the razor.

mens grooming pubes shaving
Man applying tonic to his pubic area


When it comes to shaving or using a trimmer, you need to keep the skin as taught as possible. While if you were shaving your neck this would mean tilting your head so that your neck skin was pulled, when it comes to down below it means tugging on your balls to get the skin that taught. This may be painful, but it's absolutely necessary and you're going to have to shave to get through the pain.

Shaving and trimming is a risky business and you will need to use all your strength to keep a steady hand (if you are shaking in the first place of course). A cut package is the last thing you want. The other thing to remember is that your balls hold a lot of bacteria and even the smallest of cuts could let the bacteria get into there. Depending on the kind of bacteria, this could easily cause cellutitis, abscesses, and something called Fournier gangrene.

We recommend standing over a portable mirror in a well-lit bathroom if you want to ensure you're getting all the right areas. Once you think you've got the look and length that you were going for, put down the razor or trimmer before you get too carried away and cut yourself. The job is done.


Once you've got your achieved look and feel, you need to think about the next steps. While you might carry on shaving (around the dead land between your arse crack and your balls), we mean with regards to the treatments you can put on - sort of like an after shave procedure but for your nuts. What products should you use to now care for your cleanly sheered area. Due to the curved nature of the hair down there, you'll probably be experiencing an itchy sensation. Rather than itch it you can avoid that post-shave prickly feeling by applying some post-shave moisturiser. This will help to reduce irritation and inflamation. This is how to shave your balls without them itching.

how to shave your balls men
Grooming products are essential when shaving your balls


Razor burn and ingrown hairs are always bad when they're on your face, but when they're on your nut sack the problem is tenfold. To prevent this use an after shave balm or tonic for a few weeks after you have shaved. This will prevent ingrowing hairs and rash, and should be continued until you go back to the first step (stepping in the shower).

How To Shave Your Balls

  • Use the right tools - a razor with more blades is best and will limit the chance of cuts.
  • Have a hot shower - warm up your ball sack and make the hairs naturally lubricated and softer.
  • Once out of the shower, begin shaving.
  • Shave the way the hair grows - this will prevent ingrown hairs.
  • Post shave and once you've achieved the look and length you wanted, apply a moisturiser immediately. This will prevent a rash and again, ingrown hairs.
  • Apply a after-shave balm or tonic post shaving for a week or so to prevent any irritation.

man shaved pubes mens grooming
You should be shaving or trimming your balls

On That note

It's as simple as that really. You should treat your ball sack in the same way that you treat your beard - care for it and it'll look great. Nowadays men need to look after their bits down there more than ever - remember it's not just women who are expected to look their best - and so getting the razor or trimmer out is essential. Hopefully you now know how to shave your balls properly. And if you don't? Well 'balls to you' as Liza Minelli said.




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