How to Deal With a Patchy Beard

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At long last you've grown a beard, but it's not quite how you thought it was going to be. Did you attempt to get a Ryan Gosling or Ben Affleck, but instead you've got a patchy messy excuse for a beard? Well we're here to try and help you manage this slight problem with ease and some excellent beard growing tips that'll have you saying goodbye to a patchy beard.

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Growing a beard is one of man's biggest goals. All throughout your younger years you are plagued with a pubescent lack of hair and your teen years are spent looking up to the people who have spectacular beards. A lot of people can't grow a beard for quite some time, but once you do manage to grow one, however, the saying the 'grass isn't always greener on the other side' is very true.

A patchy beard is the bane of many a man's life, and we're here to help you try and deal with it. Not everyone can get a beard like Keanu Reeves (although even he has had patchy days) and it's probably likely that no one told you before that patches would be a thing, but do not fret because they can be dealt with. Wandering how to grow more facial hair with a little bit more success? Read on.

While beard filler is an option (this is essentially pen that fills in blank or patchy space on your beard), we prefer to go down the route that will ensure more long-term effects and an effective treatment.

How To Fix A Patchy Beard

First things first is that you need to patient. Let your beard grow at a natural pace, as chances are you've never actually just given it time to grow and instead have succumbed to shaving it off whenever you notice patches. This does nothing but keep you in a consistent state where patches are prevalent. After around a month, patches should be less obvious.

johnny depp patchy beard men
Johnny Depp with a patchy beard


How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard

This depends entirely on your genetics. There are certain things you can do to promote hair growth, but these again will be second to your genetics. This will also determine how and where you get hair, so this is why some people get patches and others don't.

How To Grow A Beard Faster

Before we begin, there really is no way to grow a beard more quickly than the rate at which it is already growing, as it is largely down to testosterone levels and genetics. There are however a few things you can do to promote it and how you can encourage beard growth, although we must say that these aren't always necessarily guaranteed to work.

The first thing that is an absolute must-do if you want to promote any hair growth and not just your beard is to ensure that you are looking after your body. Hair condition correlates with your health, so make sure you are taking good care of yourself. When it comes to food eat things that are rich in protein and nutrients, such as beans, fish and eggs, as well as plenty of fruit and vegetables and a handful of nuts a day.

Vitamins will also play a crucial role in keeping your beard healthy, and thus promote growth. Increase your daily intake of vitamin B6, beta-carotene, vitamin C, flax seed oil, vitamin E, and nettle, as all of these vitamins and nutrients will encourage the growth of healthier hair.

chris pine patchy beard
Chris Pine with a patchy beard


Alongside a healthy diet, you must make sure that you are reducing any high stress levels. Stress is one of the worst things for the body and when it comes to hair growth it is probably one of the most harmful things. Rather than allow your hair to grow freely and rapidly, stress will cause it to fall out and stop growing altogether. One way to reduce stress is to incorporate daily exercise into your life, whether it's a simple 30 minute run or a full gym session. This will release endorphins which will in turn make you a lot happier. Sleep is also extremely beneficial in banishing stress, so make sure you're getting a good night's sleep each night (around 8 hours is the recommended amount).

Once you've nailed your diet and sleeping pattern on the head, it's time to really hone in on making those hairs in your beard grow. Exfoliating your bead on a daily basis and ensuring that the skin is clean will help promote the hair follicles to grow. Each morning and evening do this and then wash with warm water and special beard soap. This will encourage tiny hairs to grow and your pores and follicles won't be blocked by dirt.

Does Shaving Make A Beard Grow Faster?

While you may have always been told that by shaving, your beard will grow more quickly, we don't actually believe this to be true. These are simply old wives' tales that have somehow become 'fact'. The real fact of the matter is that if you leave your beard alone for 4-6 weeks, you will see greater and healthier hair growth. After this point you can then begin to shape and trim it. Cutting too soon will just slow down hair growth and your hairs will begin to stop growing as quickly as they are being constantly cut.

Beard Growth Oil

When it comes to treating your beard, you need to understand that it is not the same type of hair as that on your head. There specialist treatments specific for your beard hair and one that his particularly good is beard oil. Not only does beard oil moisturise your beard hair, but it is also extremely beneficial to the skin underneath.

mens beard oil grooming
A man applying beard oil


When purchasing a beard oil, you need to be wise. Higher end beard oils that come at a higher price are not just that for a reason, they usually contain essential vitamins. Lower priced beard oils (and trust us there are a lot of them out there) typically contain chemicals to simulate a slippery feeling, when in actual fact they aren't actually beneficial to your beard. On a second note, if you are thinking about buying a beard oil, but it doesn't list the ingredients either on the packaging or on the side of the bottle, you should definitely steer clear. Chances are these contain chemicals that are actually probably more harmful than beneficial to your beard.

Growing A Beard Stages

Before you reach full hipster-friendly beard, you'll have to go through four stages. These are beneficial in achieving the perfect look and will require a heavy dose of perseverance.

The first stage is probably the easiest. This is when you stop shaving entirely and allow nature to work its magic. This first stage lasts no more than 2 weeks, dependent on the thick ness, colour and nature of your hair growth. Someone with darker hair can expect results in as little as a week, whereas someone with lighter hair will probably see results in around 2 weeks.

keanu reeves beard grooming mens -min
At times Keanu Reeves has had a patchy beard


Stage two is the tricky one. This is when, after almost a month of no shaving, you need to decide where you want the lines to be. So sculpt your hairs into formation and how you want them to be. This is also the stage at which you should start using beard oil and really taking care of the skin and hair by using exfoliants and bear treatments. This is also when an oil is beneficial.

Stage three is the second hardest and is when you need to start ensuring your beard isn't just a bushy mess. At this point you may notice patches, uneven facial hair  and perhaps some random sprouts of different coloured hair. Using a beard oil is widely believed to help this and promote the growth of healthier/more coherent hair.

Stage four is essentially the rest of your life with a beard (if you keep it that is). This is basically a life of maintaining the impressive beard you have managed to grow. The moustache will require particular maintenance as it can often look wild if not cared for appropriately. From here on out you should use an exfoliating face wash twice a day, wash your beard with a dedicated beard wash and conditioner three times a week, massage beard oil into the hairs and use a beard wax to maintain shape and avoid an unruly mess.

david beckham patchy beard men
David Beckham has also sported a patchy beard at time


Embrace Your Patchy Beard

If you find that nothing is helping you to get rid of those patches, then maybe it's about time to embrace it. A beard is essentially a man's way of looking as rugged as possible, so a patch or two isn't necessarily the end of the world. Besides, some of the most famous men have embraced patchy beards in their time, from Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, to Johnny Depp, so maybe it's about time you did too.

How to Deal With a Patchy Beard

  • Let it grow - don't shave your beard in the early stages as this will stunt growth. The old belief that shaving will encourage hair growth is actually just an old wives' tale.
  • Treat your beard with products. Beard oil, exfoliating face washes and soaps should become your best friends.
  • Diet is everything if you want a healthy, patch-free beard. Protein and vegetables are essential for hair growth.
  • Vitamins and nutrients should be a daily part of your diet.
  • Avoid stressful situations and incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Stress causes patchy hair and often hair loss.

jake gyllenhall beard mens grooming
Jake Gyllenhaal has one of the best beards in the business

On That Note

While growing a beard is a big deal for a lot of men (it's often believed to be the uptime sign of power), it doesn't come without trials and issues. Patchy beards are not uncommon and often can't be helped with ease, purely because where your hair grows is determined by your genetics and testosterone levels (this is why it is deemed manly to have a beard). That said, there are changes to diet and grooming regimes you can incorporate into your routine that will help to encourage hair growth.


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