How Sacha Inchi Oil is Used in Skincare

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Sacha Inchi, commonly known as the Inca peanut, is the seed from a species of plant that grows deep in the forests of Peru. It's been used as a snack food for years by natives, but recently it's incredible benefits to human skin have been discovered.

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The oil is high in protein, 100% natural and contains no additives. It's an excellent emolient and moisturises skin very efficiently. It can be extremely beneficial to people who are prone to acne, as it also contains a plethora of vitamins and omega 3.

sacha inchi nuts and oil
PHOTO CREDIT: My Green Lady - Sacha Inchi Fruit and Seed



Sacha Inchi Oil Benefits

As we mentioned previously, sacha inchi oil has a multitude of health benefits, with the main one of these being how great it is for your skin. It's an all natural oil so there's no need to worry about your skin being covered in chemicals or artificial substances. It's also a fragrance free moisturiser. Sacha inchi oil is also packed full of protein and helps restore your skins natural barrier that protects it from the environment. It's also used as an anti ageing product due to it's ability to make skin look young again easily. Sacha inchi's protein content makes it perfect for encouraging healthy hair, and the growth of hair as well. It's in the same family as argon oil, a much more well known supplement for healthy hair.

sacha inchi oil plant
PHOTO CREDIT: Provenance - Sacha Inchi Fruit


Sacha Inchi Oil Forms

Like most health oils on the market, it's available in a few different forms. Sacha Inchi seeds can be purchased and just eaten and you'll still receive some of the benefits, much like Sacha Inchi powder. It's also widely available in cream forms, which are perfect for your face and skin. The raw oil form is also available if you're planning on applying it to your hair - this is popular due to sacha inchi oil's high protein content.

Sacha inchi nut
PHOTO CREDIT: Culinary Collective - Sacha Inchi Seed


Sacha Inchi Oil Side Effects

There aren't really any huge side effects associated with sacha inchi oil. Some people claim that when they first start using it, particularly when ingesting it, that they suffer from nausea. However this is uncommon and has never been proven. Also, if you have an active nut allergy it's likely you'll react to sacha inchi oil - but if this is the case you should already be well aware of your allergy. Generally, it's safe to use and there are no major side effects, however if you start to feel unwell after consuming any substance we'd advise contacting your doctor straight away.

Other Uses of Sacha Inchi Oil

As mentioned earlier, sacha inchi oil is also a great health food, not to mention a delicious snack. It's also renowned for lowering cholesterol and has proven successful for many people who use this. The oil/peanut contains tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin, which you may know as a neurotransmitter. This affects mood and stress in a positive way, so sacha inchi is actually great for your mental health too.

Sacha inchi plant
PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest - Sacha Inchi Plant

On That Note

If you're suffering from unhealthy skin, maybe give sacha inchi oil a try. It could benefit you in more ways than one, plus stop your skin from ageing faster than it should be. It's readily available and easy to use, with little known side effects. Plus, the fact it's entirely natural is a lot more re-assuring than applying a chemical based solution to your skin.


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