How to Get a Stylish Curtain Haircut

How to Get a Stylish Curtain Haircut

The curtains look was perhaps most famous during the 90s. However, this classic style has returned to firmly establish itself as one of the best hairstyles a man can rock. Unsure on how get the best centre parting? Here's all you need to know about a stylish curtain cut.

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The Curtain Haircut

The curtain cut hairstyle originated in the 90s, with singers, actors and a host of other stylish gents opting for the style over the course of the decade. While it was a huge trend, it was often dubbed as the marmite of haircuts - you either loved it or you hated it. Seeing a substantial revival in recent times, it's time to pull out the curtained hair again lads - let's take a look!

How to Get a Curtain Haircut

Ideally, hair needs to be medium or long on the top to create the perfect curtain cut look. You won't be able to make a centre parting for men with shorter hair. While you'll need to pop to the barbers to reach the desired look, here's a few tips on how to get things going in the right direction.

  • Keep the back and the sides much shorter than the top of your hair - this will form the foundations for the desired shape.
  • Explain to your barber that you're trying to grow out a curtain cut, he'll begin to cut the hair towards that style - even if you've not got the required length yet.
  • Create a parting down the middle of your hair. Use a comb to tidy the parting up and begin creating the shape of your curtains hair.
  • Slick your hair back using a suitable product. Pomade, wax or hair cream is the best for creating a sleek wet look.

Inspiration: Curtain Hairstyles for Men

Looking for a little inspiration before you take the plunge? Check out some of our favourites on both past and present.


The Centre Part Haircut

The centre part haircut, or the middle parting for men as it is often known, is more about the placement of the parting than a style itself. Middle part hairstyles aren't necessarily curtain styles - they can span anywhere from short to shoulder length, thick to thin, bouncy to flat.

How to Get a Centre Part for Men

We're going to assume you're going for a longer middle parting here, without focusing on the curtain cut. You can achieve a middle part hairstyle for men by following some of the tips below.

  • Grow hair to a medium or long length while asking your barber to keep the sides a little longer.
  • Taking hair supplements, eating well and massaging the scalp when washing can all speed up growth.
  • Use a comb to straighten the hair and create a defined middle parting.
  • Blow drying and applying some sea salt spray or hairspray can help increase volume for a more textured finish.

Inspiration: Centre Part Hairstyles for Men

Check out some stylish long, centre-parted hairstyles below.


Male Celebrities Curtain Haircut

Male stars from across the globe have been seen sporting the curtain cut with smooth, slick style. Brian McFadden, formerly of Westlife, was a huge fan of the cut back in the day, but recently, pop sensations Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik have been spotted with the look, along with actor brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth. Here's some of the best middle parting hair styles for men.

The Johnny Depp Haircut

Johnny Depp's hairstyle is iconic and has made a name for itself in its own right. Unlike many other celebrities, Depp has always kept the curtain cut in his collection of styles. He will bring it out one year and then try something new the next, but it is never very long a wait before the famous curtains are back out in full force.

johnny depp long hair 90s
Johnny Depp with long hair.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Haircut

Leonardo Dicaprio is one of Hollywood's most respected actors. Although he now keeps his hair short, during the early stages of his career Dicaprio was famous for rocking a charming pair of curtains. This sleek style was the perfect accessory for his teen heartthrob persona. Grow your hair out and slick it back for this classic look.

leonardo dicaprio hair young
The hair that made Leonardo DiCaprio such an icon.

How to Get a Curtain Cut Hairstyle for Men

  • Make sure you have mid-length or long hair for this look.
  • Get a professional barber to help you with shaving the back and sides of your head.
  • Apply a pea-sized amount of hair product to slick it back and maintain the style.
  • Use lightweight products like pomade or a wax, avoid anything too heavy or dry.
  • Use a comb to add structure to your style and give you a neater look.
  • Try something new. Don't just always stick to what you know.

mens curtain hair street style
Curtain Fringe Hair

On That Note

It's safe to say this daring cut isn't for everyone, but there is no denying its popularity is increasing. Despite having a reputation as one of the worst haircuts, if you're willing to give the middle parting haircut or men's curtains look a try, we can guarantee you will stand out in the crowd. Care for it in the right way and you will be sure to turn heads.


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