Fake Tan for Men: 4 Top Tips

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As beach season beckons, the pressure for gents to get their glowing, golden bodies at the ready and shed the winter pounds has never been stronger. While most men under 35 have now experimented with some form of self-tanner, it's likely that a good percentage of these have had their share of tanning disasters to boot. Looking to avoid any tangoed moments? Read on for our top tips on how to tan properly.

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4 Top Tanning Tips For Guys

1: Patch Test

First and foremost, if you're not familiar with the art of getting your man tan on, a patch test is essential. Let's face it, no tanning product is going to give you the expectation of an orange hue, but it's an all too frequent occurrence regardless.

Bear in mind, a patch test is a one off thing. Once you've established the brand that works for you, you're set. Pretty straightforward, just use a bit of your new tanning product on a discrete part of the body, such as the inner leg to see how it develops over 24 hours. Once you're happy with the colour, tan to your heart's content.

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2: Exfoliate

The emphasis on exfoliation should take pride of place in every tanning guide. Simply put, applying tanner without giving your body a good scrub isn't a good idea as the skin's surface will be rough and ridden with dead skin cells - not an ideal blank canvas, eh?

Forgoing the art of exfoliation will often leave you with a patchy, uneven and generally undesirable finish so it's best to take the time and get things done right. If you're really wondering how to tan safely, be sure to exfoliate before and apply tanner after when the skin is dry.

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3: Moisturise

Certain parts of the body such as your elbows, knees, ankles and even wrists will be a little drier by nature, which can result in, once again, a patchy, uneven finish. Counteract this by applying a small amount of moisturiser to these areas before applying your chosen tanner. It may seem ridiculous, but don't come crying to us if you're left with orange elbows... seriously, it's not a good look.


4: Consider Your Options

Obviously, the most important part of becoming a flawlessly tanned man is choosing the best tanning product for your skin type, desired colour and lifestyle. From lotions to creams, oils, mousses and more, there is an abundance of varieties out there with each option coming with its own set of pros and cons.

Our recommendation? Take the foam or mousse approach. It's quick drying, easy to apply and will leave an even, long-lasting colour - in most cases. We've popped a couple of our favourite, tried and tested choices below that give us a quality colour every time.

 Tanning Tips For Guys

  • Patch Test: Patch test new products on a discrete area of the body to minimise you chance of sporting the dreaded orange hue or adverse skin reactions.
  • Exfoliate: It's relatively straightforward, exfoliate before tanning to avoid patchiness.
  • Moisturise: Apply moisturiser to dry areas to ensure a consistent colour.
  • Shop Around: Try various forms of self-tanning to work out what best suits your skin/desired colour.

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On That Note

Safe to say, if you came here wondering how to get a tan without the possibility of ending up like a David Dickinson doppelganger - you should be more than equipped to tackle the tango at this point. Safe tanning needn't be a cumbersome task, just be sure to exfoliate, use moisturiser on drier spots and pick your products wisely, job done.


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