Does Zenagen Natural Hair Loss Shampoo Work?

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When you're experiencing male pattern baldness or hair loss, it can often feel like there is no cure or help.  Your confidence is crushed. Zenegen shampoo claims to be the best hairloss shampoo solving all of your hair issues from preventing hair loss to growing it back. But does it work?

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Zenagen Shampoo

So firstly, what is Zengen? It's a natural hair loss shampoo containing a blend of natural extracts, such as bioflavanoids, serenoa repens and polyphenol antioxidants. Zenegen shampoo claims to be the best hair loss shampoo preventing men from going bald.

It does this by blocking DHT by interfering with the process in which testosterone turns into DHT. This process is said to reduce testosterone levels and therefore neutralise DHT. As well as protecting the hair follicles from UV rays, it also claims to help with hair regrowth and blood flow to the hair follicles.

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Zenagen Evolve

Zenagen Evolve is a unisex shampoo and conditioner based hair therapy system which claims to accelerate hair growth up to 40% and repair dry, brittle and broken follicles from root to tip. The treatment enhances strength, shine and volume of heat damaged, colored or chemical treatment hair.

zenagen evolve

Zenagen Revolve

Zenagen Revolve is a shampoo and conditioner based hair therapy system, claiming to reverse thinning, shedding and male pattern baldness, by cleansing the hair follicle of DHT.

zenagen revolve

Zenagen Side Effects

Due to the lack of studies into it, and it being based on personal experiences, there are no known side effects of Zenagan. However, there are many mixed reviews. With some suggesting that the product dried out their hair and only added volume to give the appearance of thicker hair. With testimonials from the likes of Rick Vito from Fleetwood Mac, Zenagen seems to be a hair regrowth shampoo for men that works for some and not everyone.

On That Note

The stress of hair loss and balding is incredibly tiring, and trying to find a hair regrowth shampoo that works is not even half of the problem. But once you've found one that works for you, it's life changing. Despite the mixed reviews of Zenagan and there being no proof that it does work, many have had a pleasant experience with it. Zenagen is clearly a product that depends on each individual personal experience.


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