Cannabis Smoking & Hair Loss

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Is your monthly, weekly or daily spliff causing hair troubles? Does weed recede your hair line? Are we causing ourselves more stress with a smoke rather than relieving it? Or is it all just overhyped hysteria? We look at some of the facts in this short and sweet guide. 

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Marijuana Side Effects

It's been sung about, joked about, protested against, protested for, smoked, not smoked, been called a cure for depression, called a cause of depression, and so much more. It's safe to say that cannabis is pretty famous, but in all honesty, what does smoking weed actually do? Well, in short terms, marijuana alters multiple hormonal systems, leading to different side effects. These side effects can be hard to track and can vary from person to person due to everyone's differing hormones.

Because of these differing hormones weed can make some people break out while having no effect on other people's skin. This is the same when it comes to its depressant feature, with it causing drastic mood swings, aggression and stress in some people, especially those struggling with mental disorders, and have no effect on other people's moods. With more research still needed to pin point the reason behind these variations, it's hard to fully understand the effects marijuana has on the body. 

marijuana smoking hair loss men

Does Marijuana Cause Hair Loss?

As we stated above, it's hard to know exactly how marijuana will affect different people, but here are the facts about what it contains and how this can have an effect on hair growth. Carcinogen is found in most weed and cigarettes and can slow down cell production in the hair follicles, causing your hair to enter the resting phase of their cycle. So if we're asking the question, can cannabis cause hair loss we really have to look at how much a person is smoking.

Smoking weed can cause hair loss and weakened hair follicles if you smoke a large amount on a regular basis, as you're essentially damaging the body and not giving it a resting period to recover. The occasional cigarette can cause damage, but not as much as smoking five to ten a day, and the same goes with cannabis. However, in the grand scheme of things cannabis is more likely to cause you lung and throat damage than effect the hair on your head. 

On That Note

Weed is one of those things that effects everyone differently, whether it be your mood, skin and yeah, even hair, although there still needs to be more research done to find out exactly how marijuana can impact your health. 


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