Best shampoos for thick hair

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You might think that picking a shampoo your hair is an easy task, but in actual fact getting the right shampoo takes some work. No one has the same hair so what shampoo you use is pretty much dependent on your style. One of the hardest hair types to work with is thick hair, so we've come up with the best shampoos you can buy for thick hair. 

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Perhaps you just grab whatever shampoo is on offer when you're strolling around the supermarket, but in actual fact, you shouldn't be doing this if you want the best hair you can possibly get. Here are our top picks for shampoo to use on thick and dry hair. You won't be sorry you read this and your very dry hair will be long gone.

Best Shampoo For Men

What you put on your hair is important for maintaining a healthy scalp and hair, so you need to make sure you're buying quality stuff that's suitable for yours. Chances are if you have thick hair, it can also be frizzy and that is the last thing you want. Thick hair can also get dry a lot more quickly than thin hair, which again is not something you want. You will want a shampoo that is nourishing and hydrating if you're struggling with thick frizzy hair. Again, thick hair will require a lot of moisturising or you will literally end up with an unruly and out of control barnet.

mens shampoo thick hair -min
Get your shampoo right


Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry Hair

Dry hair is the bane of many people's lives and if you have thick hair, it can especially be a problem. Dry hair is actually a sign of unhealthy, damaged hair. One thing that can make hair dry is using the wrong shampoo and conditioner and also washing your hair too often. You should be aiming to wash yours around 2-3 times per week and definitely not everyday.

Shampooing dry hair everyday will just make it even drier and you should try and cut back as soon as possible. Once you start to wash your hair less, you'll notice that your hair becomes a little more greasy more quickly. This is because your scalp is producing more oil now, but give this a week or two and it will balance out and your scalp will become used to not being washed everyday.

mens shampoo hair style thick
Shampoos have been specifically made for thick hair


Dry hair isn't helped either if you use electrical appliances to dry it. Hairdryers and blow drying will dry it out even more and thereat will damage your hair. The best thing to do is to air dry it, without using any appliances. This is the most natural way of drying your hair and therefore the best. If you can't avoid not using electrical appliances to dry it, if say you're in a rush, then use the cool setting on your hairdryer.

When it comes to shaping and conditioning, the same rule applies for all types. With shampoo, place a small amount in your hands and rub into your scalp until a gentle lather forms. Rinse and repeat if necessary. With conditioner, the process is slightly different. Again place a small amount in your hand and rub into your hair, making sure the ends are covered. Leave for two minutes so that your hair can fully absorb the goodness in the conditioner. Rinse it out with lukewarm water (hot water will open and damage hair follicles).

Your conditioner should be a smoothing or relaxing one, that won't add volume to it. Avoid thickening conditioners at all costs, that's the last thing you want!

mens shampoo thick hair wash
Wash your hair 2-3 times a week


Why Does Hair Go Dry?

As said before, hair goes dry when it is unhealthy. The main cause of dry hair is because it is dehydrated. This is caused by damage made from appliances or just general lack of care. Dyeing hair can have a negative effect on it as it quite literally strips the natural oils right away. Dry brittle hair is not what you want so avoid letting your hair get dehydrated. Make sure you get the best products for dry hair, including conditioners and leave-in conditioners.

Best shampoos for thick hair

  • Thick hair is often really dry, so avoid washing it too often.
  • Use moisturiser to ensure your hair is silky smooth and not course.
  • Do not use thickening shampoos, this will just make matters worse.
  • Leave-in conditioners will help your hair stay frizz-free.

man washing hair mens shampoo
A man washing his hair


On That Note

Thick hair can be a major concern for many people, especially if it is also dry and frizzy. Use a shampoo that will tame it and remember to only wash it 2-3 times a week. Use a conditioner especially for taming frizz as this will keep your hair flatter and won't be bushy.


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