Best Shampoos For Curly Hair

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No-one has the same hair, and curly hair is something that a lot of men want. If you've been blessed with curls though, you shouldn't be using the same shampoo as your straight-haired counterparts and instead should use curly-hair specific shampoos. Here are our top picks on the best shampoos and products for curly hair and how you can enhance the curls you already have. 

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Not everyone has been lucky enough to get curly hair, but for those men with wavy hair or neat curls, the journey doesn't end there. If you want to keep your curls in top condition, there are certain things you should do and the first thing is make sure you are using the correct shampoo. Some people who have curly hair don't even use shampoo and the product has become infamous for doing terrible things to your hair, like loosing the curls and stripping your hair dry. However there are specific shampoos that have been formulated to aid the treatment of curly hair and not ruin it.

Best Shampoos For Curly Hair

Curly hair is a tricky style to work with, whether you have thin curly hair or thick curls, but there are shampoos out there that aim to help you tackle your curls. What you essentially need to look for is a shampoo that is 100 percent sulphate-free, as this is what will damage your hair and leave your curls difficult to manage. Sodium lauryl sulphate is the key ingredient found in most shampoos and acts as both a salt and a detergent. While it is fine for most straight hair styles, sodium lauryl sulphate is actually too harsh for curly hair. Shampoo often doesn't contain many conditioning agents (hence why people use a conditioner after) and this is what doesn't suit curly hair. Basically, the sulphate lifts the hair follicles and then in turn hair becomes frizzy, dry and hard to deal with, and this is the last hair style you want to be carrying off.

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Wash Your Hair 2-3 Times a Week


Curly hair can also be problematic when it comes to rinsing hair of shampoo. Curly and wavy hair is a lot more porous than straight hair and so rinsing out lather created by shampooing is actually a lot harder. A lot of the time there's plenty still left in your curls and so hair becomes frizzy, which is the opposite effect you want.

Your hair essentially needs a series of nutrients to really be in top condition. You need to look for shampoos and conditioners that contain no silicone variations and instead consist of proteins (silk, soy, wheat, keratin or individual amino acids), emollients (natural vegetable oils, nut butters, glycerides and liposomes) and humectants (panthenol, vegetable glycerin, sorbitol, amino acids, aloe vera  and honey). Proteins will repair hair and protect it, leaving your hair feeling a lot healthier. Emollients will give your hair bounce and shine, while humectants will absorb water and leave your hair full of moisture.

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A man with short curly hair


How To Look After Curly Hair

If you have wavy or curly hair then there are certain things you should and shouldn't do in order to keep your locks in top shape. While we've already said that getting yourself a shampoo and conditioner that suits curly hair is essential, there are other things that you need to do to get your hair looking and feeling good.

One thing you want to always avoid is frizz, and one way to do so is by changing how you dry your hair. So instead of reaching straight for the towel after you've had a shower and washed your hair, instead style your hair while it is still wet. Here you should use products like sea salt spray to keep your hair from going frizzy, while still enhancing curls.

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A model with curly hair


Next, avoid all forms of alcohol (don't worry, you can still drink it). Styling products that contain alcohol are doing nothing for those curls and will leave your hair with a sort of crunchy, noodle-like texture. This includes hair spray, so avoid that at all costs as this stuff is made with a hell of a lot of alcohol. Gels and mousses are the same, so similarly avoid these. Instead use water-soluble gels that don't feel sticky on your skin when you spray them. Aerated mousses and foams that have a likening to beaten egg whites are also good and will give hair fullness and control, while not making you feel like you've got noodles on your head.

Really the best thing you can do with curly hair, is to leave it well and truly alone. Don't touch it too much, don't mess about with it and try not to use too many products. When it comes to avoiding frizz with curly hair, you need to essentially avoid friction and that's why we said before to avoid using a towel to dry your hair.

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A man with long curly hair


If you're going to blow dry your hair, do so with a diffuser. Blow drying not only harms your hair because of the heat, but a regular nozzle will disrupt curl pattern. A normal blowdryer will focus on certain areas for a period of time, which isn't good and will separate hair. A diffuser instead focuses on the whole head and will evenly dry hair, without leaving it frizzy and disjointed.

Best Shampoos For Curly Hair

  • Avoid shampoos that contain sulphates - these will ruin your curls.
  • Go for shampoos and conditioners that are made up of proteins, emollients (natural vegetable oils, nut butters, glycerides and liposomes) and humectants (panthenol, vegetable glycerin, sorbitol, amino acids, aloe vera and honey).
  • After shampooing hair, avoid using a towel to dry hair as this will create frizz and instead use a diffuser.

curly hair mens style
A man with a short curly hair style

On That Note

Curly hair can be a blessing, but it can also be a tough look to get right and maintain. Sure you've got natural curls, but if you continue to use a normal shampoo, your curls will be stripped of their goodness and they will start to be quite the opposite to a blessing. Instead you'll be left with frizz and dry hair strands, so make sure you are using the right shampoo and conditioner. Look for one that is high in nutrients and that doesn't contain sulphate (which as a person with curly hair should be your enemy). Follow this simple rule (and of course choose a shampoo that's specifically for curly hair) and you will have nothing to worry about.


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