The Best Hair Wax for Men

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Guys really don't get enough credit for the time it takes to do their hair. Girls can spend hours in front of the mirror yet men are supposed to style theirs in a heartbeat. Well, we think you should take your time to perfect your do, and we've got the best wax products to help you.

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Styling Wax

Hair wax is a great product for getting your hair into top form. It works with all hair types from fine and thin to thick and it offers a great alternative to other products such as pomade and gel. Many people think wax and pomade are the same things - they are not. This guide will differentiate between them both whilst showing you the best hair wax for men.

Pomade Vs Wax

So, now that we have established that wax and pomade are not the same, we will inform you as to why. Naturally, with hair products, there will be a slight element of overlapping. Pomades can come in two variations of wax based or water based. The water based pomade is the most popular choice being an updated version of the wax one. The water base of it makes it a lot easier to wash out of your hair which you don't get with wax based pomades or even wax. You can apply a pomade to wet hair for a less firm hold and a high shine or on dry hair for a strong hold but less shine. A pomade is great for styles like the pompadour, the quiff or the ducktail. A pomade will create a hold in your hair without making it go rock solid - perfect for those with longer locks.

Wax is a classic product. It gives a stronger hold than pomade and as the name suggests, has a wax base. The consistency and texture of a wax are much thicker than a pomade and will generally give a much stickier/ tackier finish. Like the pomade, a wax will not make your hair go hard, however, it will not wash out as easily. You can buy certain waxes that promise a shiny finish, but you'll most likely find that most give a matte wax effect. The best hair wax styles are the ones which are evenly distributed around the head.

Styling Hair


How To Use Hair Wax

Using hair wax is pretty easy, it's styling the hair itself which is the stressful part. Firstly, you need to get to know your hair type. Different waxes will work better with certain hair types, for example, if you have fine hair then you only need a light hold, whereas the best hair wax for thick hair will be one that has a stronger hold on it.

Add more wax as you need it! Putting a huge dollop on your head is a terrible idea, you'll want to build up the wax if and when you need it to ensure you don't make your head one waxy grease ball. Start off by putting a small amount of the wax in your palms. It's recommended that you use an amount that is the same size as a dime (or just use the size of your nail as a guide).

Keep Products To a Minimum When Styling Your Hair


You can apply wax to wet and dry hair, depending on the style you desire. Applying wax to wet hair is great for the wet-look style and it will make the finish shinier. Applying men's wax to dry hair will give a stronger hold with a matte finish. If you prefer to wear wax on dry hair then we suggest you use a matte hair wax.

Rub your palms together to warm up and melt the wax so it is more durable and easy to style. Work the wax through your hair with your fingertips, styling your hair the way you wish. Use both hands to ensure you maintain an even distribution of the product. Wax won't dry for a few hours but it will maintain the hold you create.

Different Types Of Wax

You can get hair styling wax in many different forms, other than in the traditional pot. Spray hair wax is one of them - mad, right? This is, essentially, is a glammed up version of hairspray, used in pretty much the same way. The spray wax might be the best hair wax for thin hair as it's most likely to create volume from more direct areas.

Another inventive way of applying hair wax is the hair wax stick. Much like a glue stick, you simply plaster it over your hair... no, we're not joking. Gummy wax is another option; it looks like jelly and can give you either a soft or hard hold to your hair. Black hair wax is also a thing, but that's far too mysterious for our liking. It's basically a play off of hair wax vs gel. If you take yourself seriously as a male, we suggest you opt for a classic pot of wax.

Styling Long Hair


The Best Hair Wax For Men

  • Know the difference between wax and pomade. They have different qualities and this can totally change the outcome of your look.
  • When using hair wax, always start with only a little amount and build it up if you need to. Too much wax will make your hair look greasy.
  • Play around with wet and dry hair. Applying the wax on the different states of hair will alter the hold and finish.
  • There are plenty of variations of wax, including wax sticks and spray wax. We, naturally, suggest you always go for the classic.

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On That Note

Now you can, hopefully, differentiate between pomades and waxes, you'll be able to style your hair in the most effective way. There are plenty of brands that make hair wax, however, we advise you go for one that isn't too cheap. A cheap hair wax may do more damage to your hair than it gives you style.


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